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SACP not just 94 but experienced, steeled in the depth of knowledge and practice of our revolutionary struggle, and is dependable!!
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SACP message of solidarity to the SAMWU 11th National Congress

Dear comrades, for and on behalf of the SACP let me express our message of solidarity with your union and its entire membership. The SACP is behind you, dear comrades! Over the last decade or so the SACP has been concerned about some of the weaknesses and challenges facing the progressive trade union movement and the workers in general. These challenges can only be properly understood from their structural causes and drivers. At the heart of this, is the massive restructuring of the workplace and the working class by the bosses who are interested in nothing but profit maximisation and private capital accumulation. This has had a huge impact on the unity of the trade union movement.

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SACP statement by Cde Solly Mapaila at the 94th Anniversary Mpumalanga Provincial Rally

The fundament problem we must resolve is that our economy was engineered to serve as an exporter of raw materials. Our mineral resources were exploited to advance industrial development in the UK in particular, Europe in general, and in the United States. Local production of finished goods was not developed to its full potential to meet the overwhelming material and cultural needs of our people as whole. Our economy was internally designed to satisfy the needs of a few only, and this on a racist basis based on the oppression of the overwhelming majority.

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SACP congratulates Provincial Government for renaming Natalspruit Hospital after MK Martyr, Thelle Simon Mogoerane

The SACP Gauteng Province congratulates and applauds the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) for renaming the Natalspruit Hospital in the City of Ekhuruleni after comrade Thelle Simon Mogoerane.

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SACP "Bredarsdorp has become paradise for Brutal killing against young Girls"

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Western Cape has once again learnt of another heinous murder of a thirty-year-old female in Bredarsdorp, Overberg. Bredarsdorp has become synonymous with incidents of ruthless and heinous acts, specifically directed at young woman and girls.

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The South African Communist Party was founded in 1921 and has always been in the forefront of the struggle against imperialism and racist domination. The SACP is a partner in the Tripartite Alliance consisting of the African National Congress and the Congress of South African Trade Union. The Youth Wing of the SACP is the Young Communist League.