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The SABC: When the people`s trust relationship is breaking like an unreliable signal
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SACP Mpumalanga Pledges Solidarity Scholar Transport Operators

The South African Communist Party in Mpumalanga Province pledges solidarity with the SMME scholar transport operators, as they continue to fight against Lumpen-tenderpreneurship in the province. These are the emerging entrepreneurs who need support from our government, rather than being exploited whilst struggling to earn a living. The Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport has for the past 6 years not paid the operators in full.

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Exorbitant legal fees at the Marikana Commission

It is now almost two years since the Farlam Commission of Inquiry started its work in October 2012, probing the deaths of 44 people who were killed on and before 16 August 2012 in Marikana, North West Province. The work of the commission was delayed due to frequent stalling, most notably involving disputes on legal fees and other non-substantive factors.

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SACP Mpumalanga Provincial Executive Committee Statement

The 8th Congress Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) of the South African Communist Party (SACP) in Mpumalanga Province convened its 10th Plenary Session on Sunday, 20 July 2014 at Emalahleni. The meeting focused on political developments in the province, nationally and internationally. The meeting reflected on our campaigns in line with the Party Programme the South African Road to Socialism.

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Investigate Malaysian Airlines MH-17 crash, bring about justice! Stop Israel's massacre of Palestinians, end colonisation!

The South African Communist Party expresses its deepest condolences to the families, relatives and friends for the loss of loved ones when a Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-17 Boeing 777 airliner crashed in Eastern Ukraine on Thursday, killing 295 people on board. The victims are reported to include 193 Dutch including one dual Netherlands-US citizen, 43 Malaysians including 15 crew members and 2 children, 27 Australians, 12 Indonesians including 1 infant, 10 Britons including 1 dual UK-South Africa citizen, 4 Germans, 4 Belgians, 3 Filipinos, 1 Canadian and 1 New Zealander, according to the full flight manifest reported in the media to have been released by Malaysia Airlines on Saturday.

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The South African Communist Party was founded in 1921 and has always been in the forefront of the struggle against imperialism and racist domination. The SACP is a partner in the Tripartite Alliance consisting of the African National Congress and the Congress of South African Trade Union. The Youth Wing of the SACP is the Young Communist League.