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SACP in Gauteng Province calls on Communists and workers to join alliance march to the Union Buildings

1 November 2018

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in Gauteng Province calls on communists and workers to join the revolutionary people and working class in a march to the Union Buildings this coming Friday, 02nd November 2018.

SACP believes that the march reaffirms the historic and profound role of the revolutionary Alliance and the entire mass democratic movement to lead the National Democratic Revolution (NDR). We welcome the fact that the Alliance is reaffirming its role of leading popular working class struggles through peaceful marches and protests, and hopefully will be sustained.

We believe that the demands that the march seeks to deliver at the Union Building constitute the overwhelming aspirations of the people of our province. We therefore reaffirm our profound demand for an integrated, safe, affordable and efficient transport system.

It is in this context that we are deeply inspired and extol the excellent work done by comrade Blade Nzimande, our General Secretary in his new capacity as the Minister of Transport. We welcome the programs and interventions he announced during the Transport month.

We are convinced that the overall cost of transport and its negative impact on the economy and the working class is worsened by E-Tolls and the high costs of petrol and fuel.

We believe that the high costs of transport, especially levies on petrol prices, means that the working class is carrying the burden of generating revenue for the state whilst the bourgeoisie and the ruling class enjoy tax holidays through various methods of tax avoidance and dodgy accounting methods.

We also believe that the demands relating to the high costs of data and the dominance of monopolies in the telecommunications, technology and media industry is a matter of great concern that negatively impact the rights of the working class to access information and data and freely participate in various areas of popular life.

We therefore call on the popular and revolutionary people, workers and communists to take to the streets and participate in the peaceful march as a part of our leadership of the NDR. We also believe that the Alliance will also take the lead on many popular demands of the working class on housing repositions, garnishing orders, evictions, labour brokering, casualisation, worker safety and attacks on rights of farm dwellers, abuse of women, children and gender based violence.

We are looking forward to the leadership of the Alliance in working class popular struggles as the only scientific basis of Alliance unity.

Issued by the SACP Gauteng province

Mpapa Kanyane - SACP 1st Deputy Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 060 558 8314