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Statement of the SACP Western Cape on unwarranted attacks and diversionary ploy against Comrade Khaya Magaxa

3 September 2018

The SACP in the Western Cape Province rejects, with the contempt they deserve, the malicious lies spread by Sammy Claasen against Comrade Khaya Magaxa, following his speech at the ANC West Coast regional conference over the weekend.

Claasen concocted a story that our former Provincial Secretary, Comrade Magaxa, made racial remarks against Khoisan people. The Democratic Alliance (DA) has in turn decided to rely on these lies against our former Provincial Secretary by filing a motion in the legislature.

This is evidently one of the many desperate attempts by the DA to malign the image of Comrade Magaxa.

It is clear from the speech delivered by Comrade Magaxa, in his capacity as the Acting ANC Western Cape Chairperson, that there is no iota of such attack on the Khoisan people. Therefore, the SACP dismisses this as a deliberate fabrication of Comrade Magaxa's address by a bitter individual frustrated by unfavourable conference outcomes which defeated his destructive selfish interests.

The unwarranted attacks on the integrity and revolutionary values of Comrade Magaxa are based on blatant lies and falsehoods concocted by a known notorious and pathological liar, Sammy Claassen. This known loose cannon's lies will not go unattended to.

What is widely known about Claassen is that he is an opportunist and chauvinist of note. He realises that his chauvinism has been exposed and thereby resorts to manufacturing lies about Comrade Magaxa.

It is worrisome, but not surprising, that the DA has even filed a motion in the legislature based on unfounded allegations aimed at discrediting Comrade Magaxa as the leader of the opposition in the Western Cape Legislature. True to form, the opportunist DA has not even bothered to check the credibility of the individual who made the claim. It has not even verified the authenticity of the claim. Instead they opportunistically want to score cheap political points and thus waste valuable time of law makers and taxpayers.

The desperation of the DA is astonishing, but more importantly exposes the state of poverty of ideas within the DA. This gimmick also smacks of extreme desperation to undo the DA's reputational damage and divert attention from their abominable racist tendency, spearheaded by their apartheid and colonial apologist, the errant tweeting fanatic, the disgraced Helen Zille.

As the SACP in the Western Cape Province, we hereby warn Sammy Claassen against making baseless and fallacious falsehoods against any person. Such actions may lead to further consequences as this is related to defamation of character by Claasen. Further, the DA must internalise the reality that it is inherently a racist organisation and no amount of lies or diversionary ploys will conceal that reality. It has exposed itself time and again as racist, and the people cannot be fooled.

Issued by SACP Western Cape


Zuko Mndayi
SACP Western Cape Provincial Spokesperson
+27 72 104 1518