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SACP-COSATU in Gauteng Province urge Premier David Makhura to dismantle Gupta-Type Networks of Corruption and Maladministration

11 June 2018

The SACP-COSATU in Gauteng Province held a bilateral meeting yesterday, the 10th of June 2018, in Johannesburg to analyse and assess political developments in the province. The two left and socialist formations shared a perspective and agreed that the post-Nasrec ANC 54th National Conference period (Post-Nasrec period) unleashed a wave of hope, renewal and positive mood to reclaim working class popular confidence.

We converged on the profound principle that the new mood, marking the new dawn in our country continues to find overwhelming resonance with the working class and poor strata in our province.

It was in this context that the two left and socialist formations agreed to defend, consolidate and deepen the new dawn and positive mood, led by President Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa, as the basis upon which to reconfigure the revolutionary Alliance of the ANC, SACP, COSATU and SANCO.

The meeting agreed that considering the popular defeat of the Gupta-led corporate capture of the state, and the need to completely dismantle its existing networks within the state, constitute the most profound, scientific and popular platform to reconfigure and renew the revolutionary Alliance.

The meeting noted recent developments in our province where Premier David Makhura`s most welcome and remarkable effort to lead the fight against rampant corruption and maladministration are severely attacked and undermined by the Gupta-type forces, currently masquerading in our province.

We are deeply concerned that these Gupta-type forces have hijacked, and therefore dressed themselves in a revolutionary costume known as "generational mix", meaning a dialectical fusing of the experienced old and young leadership in our broad movement.

The two class and socialist formations agreed to defend this glorious principle of our movement and directly contest against any tendency towards a Guptarised generational mix.

We therefore pronounced, that generational mix shall not be Guptarised.

We therefore call on Premier David Makhura to intensify the fight against corporate capture of the state, otherwise known as Guptarisation of our province, and to take the lead in aligning the province fully behind the new wave of hope and new dawn as the basis upon which to consolidate an electoral victory towards 2019.

We further call on the Premier to lead this fight without fear or favour, and to ensure that none of the state organs in our province are captured, looted and corrupted.

We are firmly behind the Premier and his provincial government on this principled policy of the entire Alliance.

We strongly condemn any deviationist and divisive tendency that seeks to constitute itself as an anti-thesis to the post-Nasrec period of the new dawn and positive mood.

We also agreed that we will find it extremely difficult to reconfigure the Alliance with forces prone to a Gupta-type and all forms and manifestations of corruption and maladministration. We agreed that this can only serve to repel the working class whilst attracting our historic enemies following the current DA-EFF template in the Cities of Joburg and Tshwane.

We are convinced that any electoral implosion in our province will mark a serious and devastating set-back for the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) led by the revolutionary Alliance and hence our principled call to close ranks against Guptarisation.

It was in this context that we resolved to launch our provincial election campaign as a joint Programme on the 7th of July 2018 as part of the celebration of the Nelson Mandela centenary and bi-centenary of Karl Marx.

The election Programme will be launched in the City of Johannesburg as a blitz campaign calling on the working class and poor to ensure that our province acts as the leading custodian of the new dawn and period of long run eternal hope. Our launch of the electoral programme will serve as the consolidation of the fight to push back the frontiers of corporate capture of the state, maladministration and corruption.

The meeting welcomed the intervention into the Emfuleni Local Municipality as part of the effort to consolidate, advance and take forward the prevailing mood of Thuma Mina, led in our province by Premier David Makhura, who himself is a renowned champion and shop-steward of clean, moral and ethical administration.

Issued by the SACP and COSATU Gauteng Province


SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary: Jacob Mamabolo (082 884 1868)

COSATU Provincial Secretary: Dumisani Dakile (082 727 1422)