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Declaration of the 12th Provincial Congress of the South African Communist Party in Gauteng Province held in Oupa District, Benoni Lake Hotel, 04th-06th May 2018

7 May 2018

We, the five hundred (500) delegates to the 12th Provincial Congress convened under the theme, "Consolidating Working Class Power and Unity Towards SACP Centenary" extol the high level of revolutionary discipline and unity that prevailed through-out the three days, making it an overwhelming successful Congress.

Dr Blade Nzimande, the longest serving General Secretary of the SACP after Moses Kotane, delivered the Key-note address providing a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the international and local class balance of forces to the Congress.

He was joined by the entire collective of the national officials, comrades Solly Mapaila and Chris Mahlako, the 1st and 2nd Deputy General Secretaries respectively, comrades Senzeni Zokwana and Thulas Nxesi, National and Deputy Chairperson respectively, and comrade Joyce Moloi-Moropa, National Treasurer.

Congress was thus privileged to be joined by the collective centre of the Party leadership outside the Politburo and Central Committee in line with our ideological outlook embedded in the profound historic and most unifying principle of democratic centralism.

Congress was also joined by members of the 14th National Congress Central Committee (CC) and Provincial Secretaries of Mpumalanga, Moses Kotane and Moses Mabhida.

We received revolutionary messages of support from our Alliance partners, the African National Congress (ANC), Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) and the Young Communist League, SA (YCL). Congress was also attended by SASCO, COSAS, SAFETSA and many international fraternal organisations and SACP stalwarts and veterans.

The 12th Provincial Congress briefly adjourned on the evening of the 05th of May to celebrate 200 years since the birth of Karl Marx, a world renowned and celebrated founder and scholar par excellence of scientific socialism and communism. Comrade Solly Mapaila, a young but highly effective militant of the Party delivered a moving tribute on the theory, practice and life of Karl Marx.

Karl Marx's ideas continue to live on across the globe whilst the morally bankrupt and obsolete bourgeois and petty bourgeois ideas are in drastic and severe decline. As the capitalist system reels from one disaster to another, its chief ideologues and puppet masters are running for cover in shame as they are daily exposed as the falsifiers of history, philosophy and true science.

These slanderous, wicked and venomous false prophets of bourgeois ideology dismally fail to provide satisfactory answers to profound questions facing humanity including and most importantly, on the real causes of the crisis ridden nature of capitalism, and why the system destroys productive capacity every time it experiences decline, recession and depression. Delegates rejoiced that ideas of Karl Marx will never die.

The 12th Provincial Congress also celebrated the life of Moses Kotane, who died on the 19th May 1978, buried in Moscow and the reburied in our country on the 14th March 2015 in Pella, Moses Kotane Province.

Congress re-affirmed the theory and practice of Moses Kotane, popularly celebrated across the entire Alliance as the Moses Kotane line. Congress innovatively, following on the Chinese Communist Party's revolutionary best practice, also referred to it as the Moses Kotane Thought.

Congress acknowledged that the Kotane line, without doubt constitutes in essence the founding theory and practice of the unifying perspectives, practice and revolutionary traditions of our Alliance.

Moses Kotane a self-taught scholar before he studied in Moscow was a worker, communist and peasant that rose within the ranks to lead SACP, ANC and trade union movement. He was indeed the living embodiment of the class Alliance whose organisational form became the Tripartite Alliance, that later included the South African National Civic Organisation-SANCO (SANCO).

He played a key role in evolving, especially amongst Africans who faced brutal naked terror unleashed by racist, neo-Nazi and fascist ideology of white minority rule, an appreciation of the principle of non-racialism, and also played a key role in the indigenisation of the Communist Party.

His role especially in the early 1930s on the ideas that finally found concrete expression in the Freedom Charter, evolved in the midst of a polemical debate in the SACP contained in the pamphlet known as the Native (Black) Republic Thesis.

In celebrating the life and ideas of Moses Kotane, the 12th Provincial Congress was equally celebrating the collective contribution of all Party leaders as we seek to unite the Party towards its centenary in July 2021.


12th Provincial Congress condemned and dismissed with the contempt it deserves yet another round of "Stratcom" inspired threats to the life of comrade Blade Nzimande, our beloved General Secretary. In the true "Stratcom" costume, the package of the threats includes an engineered wave of dirty, wicked and nefarious attacks planned to portray him in a manner that will cast aspersions before sections of the working class and popular forces.

We are deeply shocked that once again, the General Secretary of the SACP's life is threatened in the same style as that of comrade Chris Hani before he finally paid with his dear life.

We have no doubt that comrade Blade Nzimande is attacked for being a good General Secretary of the SACP, thus building a united almost biggest Communist Party in our continent, and certainly the most influential and hegemonic after that of the Communist Party of China and Cuba subject only to scientific facts to the contrary.

We also believe that the collective struggle of the Communist Party on corporate capture of the state that became the rapturous point of arrival and departure at the ANC's 54th National Conference, is now the same alter on which he will possibly be "permanently removed from society" to use the Stracom poetry.

We are confident that this time, threats to life, just as it happened on comrade Chris Hani on several occasions before his final death, will certainly NOT happen this time and we will work through the guidance and leadership of the CC to defend and protect the life of comrade Blade Nzimande as the best way to defend the SACP.

We are confident that comrade Blade Nzimande, just like Commander Fidel Castro who survived hundreds of the US's CIA threats for so many years, will live on to the point only of natural causes ending of life and not Stracom dirty tricks.

We are further confident that just as we are the only political party in the whole world whose liquidation and existence was legislated against through the Suppression of Communism Act, which failed dismally, the new "chapter" of "Stratcom" tactics will also equally fail.

The 12th Congress resolved that the fight against corporate capture of the state should be the programme of action and basis for the Reconfiguration of the Alliance and building of the Popular Left Front, the two dialectically connected modalities upon which the SACP "will actively contest elections."

In other words, the "Stracom" hired assassins and labour-brokered mercenaries will now have to "wipe from the face of the earth" all communists, something that it failed to do during the Apartheid days and therefore will not set a new precedent this time.

We wish our GS more militant and fighting years to come.

The 12th Provincial Congress adopted a set of resolutions based on the outcomes, and seeking to implement those of the 14th National Congress that we were privileged to host.

The resolutions will be published in due course.


The newly elected SACP Gauteng Province Officials

Provincial Secretary: Cde Jacob Mamabolo
Provincial Chairperson: Cde Joe Mpisi
Provincial Treasurer: Cde Khosi Mabaso
1st Deputy Provincial Secretary: Cde Mpapa Kanyane
2nd Deputy Provincial Secretary: Cde Sekete Moshoeshoe
Deputy Provincial Chairperson: Cde Mandla Radebe

Newly elected SACP Gauteng Province additional members of the PEC

Cde Hope Papo
Cde Joe Morallana
Cde Lulama Nare
Cde Nkosinathi Ndwandwe
Cde Molly Dhlamini
Cde Tebogo Phadu
Cde Duma Nkosi
Cde Dr Aquina Thulare
Cde Bheki Ngobese
Cde Nelly Mokele
Cde Victor Chiloane
Cde Mosidi Manor
Cde Lesley Kwena
Cde Hilda Mongwe
Cde Matlatsi Koma


Issued by the SACP Gauteng province


Jacob Mamabolo - SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary

Mobile: 082 884 1868