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SACP statement on criminal investigations and raids by the Hawks at the offices of the North West Provincial Government

12 March 2018

The SACP Moses Kotane has noted the recent developments in the North West Provincial Government. For some time since 2014, there has been serious allegations of fraud and corruption made against some Senior Managers and some Members of the Provincial Executive Council. Despite the efforts made to deny the existence of such incidents including a concerted media campaign as well as the use of violence against those who dare to speak, unfortunately the truth has its way of surviving all forms of manipulation and repression. Incidents of fraud and corruption in Provincial Departments and the Office of the Premier are by now a matter of public knowledge.

There are formal investigations of the many allegations made against administrative and political Heads of Departments as well as the Office of the Premier. The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations (the Hawks) have also raided the Offices of the Premier as well as other Departments. Many documents have been seized during the raids and this may be of value to the ongoing investigations.

Most Senior Public Servants who are tired of fraud, corruption and other forms of maladministration have come forward with information on how the Provincial Government is being looted. We commend such loyal Public Servants for their bravery and dedication to the service of the people. Unfortunately some Public Servants are alleged to be subjected to lie-detectors which we find to be totally illegal and at best a violation of their fundamental rights. At the same time, the Provincial Legislature Committees have also been effective in playing their oversight role. They are actively working to ensure that there is accountability for the manner in which public resources are utilized. We greatly appreciated Members of the Legislature for being fearlessly committed to their work and remaining truthful to their oath of office as Public representatives.

The corporate parasitic networks as well as the mafia-style operations that have effectively captured the critical levers of political and administrative power are getting exposed every day. The situation unfortunately have reached a political crisis point in that the Premier of the Province is one way or the other seriously implicated. The SACP regards the Premier as the final arbiter in Provincial Governance matters and should play a leading role in the fight against fraud and corruption. The fact that the current Premier of the North West Province is highly compromised to a point of him calling for the investigation of all his predecessors as well as MEC's from 1994 is unprecedented and remains a cause for concern. This is clearly in conflict with our Revolutionary Morals as activists of the Democratic Movement.

We call on the Premier of the North West Province Comrade Supra Mahumapelo to invite his political conscience to guide him at this stage. In the same manner that he was quick to dismiss our Provincial Secretary Comrade Madoda Sambatha from the Executive Council on unfounded allegations, he should apply the same principle to arrive at an appropriate decision guided by his conscience. On our part as the SACP we will request for an urgent engagement to take place within the Alliance regarding the recent developments in the Provincial Government.

Issued by the SACP Moses Kotane Province


Smuts Matshe, Provincial Chairperson Mobile: 083 282 0666 Email: smatshe@gmail.com
Nick Maphelle, 01st Deputy Provincial Secretary & Spokesperson Mobile: 072 466 7557 Email: nicmap2020@gmail.com