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Augmented Provincial Executive Committee Statement

5 March 2018

The South African Communist Party (SACP) Western Cape 8 th Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) convened a two day Augmented meeting on the 3 rd and 4 th March 2018 at in Bellville under the theme: "State and Popular Power now for a Socialist South Africa." The two day planning PEC meeting was augmented by additional representatives of SACP districts, the Young Communist League of South Africa.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the South African National Civics Organisation (Sanco) and invited guests.

The meeting conveyed a message of solidarity with the community of Pholile informal settlement in Strand, where around 100 people were displaced by fires and one died in the early morning of Saturday, 3 February. The SACP expresses its heartfelt condolences to the family of the departed.

The PEC further expressed our Party`s sincere condolences to the families of three construction workers who died at work at a site in Fish Hoek. The meeting reiterated the call, our Party made last week, that employer, Martin & East must take full responsibility for the deaths. The SACP further calls on the portfolio committee for labour in parliament to probe the capacity of the Department of Labour on health and safety investigations and enforcement, particularly in the construction sector in the Western Cape.

State and Popular Power and reconfiguration of the Alliance

The PEC welcomed the general optimism generated by the election of President Cyril Ramaphosa and subsequent Cabinet changes. However, the meeting cautioned against triumphalism and complacency. The SACP will nevertheless continue, and calls on the wider society, to be vigilant all the times. The SACP will maintain its independent role in favour for and with the working class and poor.

The PEC joined our Party`s Central Committee in expressing working class disapproval of the value added tax (VAT) increase of 1 per cent from 14 per cent to 15 per cent as announced during the recent budget speech.

The PEC discussed a report from the Central Committee on our Party`s 14 th National Congress resolution for the SACP to actively contest elections either within the

umbrella of a reconfigured Alliance or by building a popular left front. The final modalities of the resolution will be decided by a Special National Congress after a process of engagements with our allies and other worker and progressive formations. The PEC will, as part of this process, engage with our allies at the provincial level, other worker and progressive formations and accordingly give active expression to the building of a left popular front.

The resolution, the national democratic revolution and the intensification of the struggle for socialism require a strong Party organisation on the ground and in all key sites of struggle. The PEC will accordingly strengthen our existing branches and build new branches where we do not have branch organisation yet. This work will be rooted in active political education and campaigning ensuring that the Party is present in the daily struggles of the people in the province. The PEC commended our Party structures in the Western Cape for the qualitative growth and increased presence of the SACP across the province, notably in the Southern Cape.

The PEC is confident that the Special National Congress will take a revolutionary decision towards ensuring that the second radical phase of the national democratic revolution becomes a success.

The PEC welcomed the inspiring input from Sanco Western Cape leadership at the meeting. The input emphasised Sanco`s commitment and support of the SACP`s call for a reconfigured Alliance operating as the strategic political centre of power as resolved by the May 2008 National Alliance Summit. Together with Sanco and other components of the alliance we declare not to narrow the reconfiguration of the Alliance to discussions in board rooms but to ensure, through concrete struggles, that it becomes a reality.

The fight against drugs, gangs and criminal syndicates

The Augmented PEC welcomed the conviction of disgraced former Western Cape Police Commissioner Arno Lamoer and his corrupt associates.

The meeting appreciated a substantive presentation by Comrade Jeremy Veary on policing and security approach in our democratic dispensation. The SACP is extremely concerned about the proliferation of foreign controlled private security companies which employ more people with more weaponry than the police. This does not mean that the domestic privately owned security companies are a sustainable solution. On the contrary, the state must build internal capacity to ensure the safety and security of our people.

Crime prevention strategies must be people-centred and deal with crime as well as its causes and forces holistically. The PEC called for the re-establishment of Bambani and strengthening of organs of people`s power such as Community Policing Forums. The meeting further called for an end to existing inequitable resource allocation that prioritise the capitalist and other privileged areas to the detriment of the working class.

Medium-term programme

The PEC adopted a broad programme of action on intensifying our campaign on key strategic areas including, combating corporate capture of the state and its entities such as Passenger Rain Agency of South Africa (Prasa) and PetroSA.

The Party condemned the lack of action from the Prasa board on the report by the Auditor General regarding maladministration, governance decay and many irregularities concerning financial management. This impacts on the basic functioning of the transport system and is negatively affecting the working class who rely on trains for transport. The PEC resolved to canvass the Central Committee of our Party to call for the dissolution of the current Prasa board.

The SACP will work with the labour movement to take up campaigns around this issue and drive a campaign for the insourcing of security.

The PEC resolved to intensify its campaign for affordable, reliable, and safe public transport system and fight against corruption in the sector. The PEC welcomed the appointment of and is looking forward to engagements with the new Minister of Transport, Cde Blade Nzimande, SACP General Secretary.

Exploitation of social grants beneficiaries by CPS

The SACP will consolidate the fight against abuse of social grant beneficiaries by the corrupt Cash Paymaster System and aggressively campaign against commodification of water which is a basic human right.

De-commodification of Water

The SACP will agitate against sale of water from spring water sources by greedy profiteers. Water is a basic human right and must not be unduly used. The "Democratic Alliance" (DA) has failed dismally to mitigate against the crisis and

continues with its obfuscation and abdicating its responsibility. Its approach to the water crisis exempts water intensive industries from any responsibility and punishes the poor through water shedding devices and closing down on water related business activities in the townships. The SACP will therefore mobilise all township car-wash owners to resist attempts by the DA to apportion blame to them and demand for the provision of eco-carwashes.

Land question

The PEC notes the inevitable anger our people due to landlessness. This has resulted in widespread of land grabs in some communities in the Western Cape. While the SACP supports popular working class struggle, we call upon everyone to respect the rule of law. We vehemently believe that had the resolutions of the 2005 Land summit on equitable access to land been implemented the current situation would have been avoided. The SACP will convene a Provincial Imbizo as a platform to engage with farm workers, civil society and the labour movement on the land question because we cannot talk about land without those who work it.


For Inquiries

Zuko Mndayi SACP Western Cape Spokesperson +72 72 104 1518 sacpwc.media@gmail.com