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Statement delivered by Cde Frans Baleni, Party Politburo and Central Committee member at the Korean Solidarity Seminar

12 February 2018, Tshwane

The South African Communist Party pledges its solidarity with the people of Korea and support for the reunification of the Korean people. Imperialist aggression and right-wing populist utterances have increased, particularly in recent months after the election of the current United States President Donald Trump - who by the way did not garner majority but received less country-wide votes in that "world class democracy model". The SACP expresses its strong opposition to imperialism in all its facets, political-economic, international relations, military and the broader sphere of human social activity, including education, culture, arts, media and communications.

The print and electronic media are awash with United States and other Western imperialist propaganda targeted at isolating the Korean people, particularly North Korea, as well as at deepening the division of the Korean people, North and South, as a whole. United States and Western imperialist news agencies are leading the charge. What is happening in many countries, unfortunately also in South Africa, is that by and large the local media serve as the conveyer belt of such propaganda and its political discourse. This propaganda includes the tactics of fear and scare mongering directed at North Korea. By all implications it reflects preparation and, as part of it, justification for a possible attack.

Like all nations, the Korean people have a right to self-defence within the parameters of international law - and the law must be applied consistently. The base problem facing world peace and stability is that certain nation states, particularly imperialist forces such as the United States and its allies, want to assign to themselves the rights that they forbid others both from gaining access to and exercising. This rather self-defence by those who are facing the imperialist domination is the real threat to world peace and stability.

The SACP denounces the imperialist action to advance their national development by extending the rule of their ruling classes to other nations and under-developing them. This has to come to an end. The SACP will continue to serve and deepen its historical mission as a dependable organisational force and reliable ally in the anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist struggle, in the struggle for complete political liberation from the colonisers and oppressors, the struggle for an end to the exploitation of one person or nation`s labour, resources and basic wealth by another, the struggle for universal social emancipation.

By its character this is an international struggle and requires that we strengthen our international solidarity ties while intensifying the course within our respective nations. This is the programme the SACP is pushing. The Party is looking forward to ever increasing efforts in this regard, and in solidarity with the Korean people, the people of Western Sahara, the Cuban people, the people of Venezuela and all the people the world over who are exploited, oppressed and who facing machinations by a foreign force.