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Outcomes of the SACP Eastern Cape Provincial Executive Committee meeting

12 February 2018

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape convened its first plenary session of the 8th Congress Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) on the 09 February 2018 at Bisho. The SACP PEC meeting preceded the two-day PEC induction which took place from 10 - 11 February 2018 at the same venue.

The PEC meeting was convened for the SACP to amongst other things, consider the state of our party, the political situation in the province, country and across the globe, election of the Provincial Working Committee (PWC) and establishment of the PEC commissions and committees.


The meeting conducted an extensive evaluation of the SACP 8th Provincial Congress held in 08 - 10 December 2017 at the East London City Hall. The meeting appreciated that our last congress was better organised and it finished its core business in time and resolved on many programmatic issues. The meeting appreciated the quantitative and qualitative growth of the party in the province and that the SACP in the province has led popular struggles of the working class. The party went to its 8th Provincial Congress with more than 36 000 members which is a significant growth, as it went to the 7thProvincial Congress in 2014 with just more than 26 000 members. We appreciate the political and ideological challenges that are entwined to this membership growth given our shared membership with our allied organisations. We also appreciate that workers and the poor associate themselves with the SACP because of the campaigns we embark on which include the Financial Sector Campaign, Anti-Corruption, Know Your Neighbourhood, Peoples Action in Housing, etc.

We commit ourselves to build a more stronger, coherent and campaigning party that will continue to serve as the tool at the hands of the working class. This we will do by asserting our independent profile and intensifying ideological and political training. It is in this context that we will resuscitate the Govan Mbeki Communist University (GMCU) and to establish an ongoing political and ideological training in all the SACP districts.

The meeting elected the PWC consistently with the SACP constitution, the PWC is composed of the Provincial Officials and the three additional members as follows:

Comrade Xolile Nqatha - SACP Provincial Secretary, Comrade Mzoleli Mrara - SACP Provincial Chairperson, Comrade Ntombizodwa Zothani, SACP Provincial Treasurer, Comrade Sisimone Rakaibe - SACP 1st Deputy Provincial Secretary, Comrade Lazola Ndamase - SACP 2nd Deputy Provincial Secretary, Comrade Mpumelelo Saziwa - SACP Deputy Provincial Chairperson, Comrade Mawethu Rune, Comrade Nonkoliso Ngqongwa and Comrade Kholiswa Fihlani.


The PEC had an extensive discussion on the situation in the world that is increasingly becoming unstable and rise of right-wing governments and the US led offensive against Cuba, Venezuela and other progressive governments throughout the world. The PEC also noted with concern signs of a potential progressive project going wrong in the BRICS, this relating to among others to the developments in India post their elections and borrowing conditions in the BRICS Bank that is not likely to favour developing countries and contribute in safeguarding each country`s sovereignty.

14th Israeli Apartheid Week:

The SACP in the Eastern will have a series of activities during the 14th Israeli Apartheid Week starting from the 04 - 12 March 2018. We will have these activities out of our commitment on the solidarity with the peoples of Palestine whom are oppressed by apartheid Israel with the aid of the US led imperialism. Our activities will include a march in solidarity with political prisoners, a picketing at the G4S whom continue to aid in oppression and invasion of the Palestinian land, picketing at the Provincial Government calling for our government to cut all ties with the apartheid Israel.

The SACP working with other progressive social forces shall establish the Palestine Solidarity Network to coordinate the campaigns in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine.

The current situation:

On the current situation in country the PEC expressed its deepest concern on the delay in the "transitional talks" between the President of the Republic, Jacob Zuma and the ANC President, Cyril Ramaphosa. It is our considered view that, this delay is very unfair to the entire nation whilst organizations have been put aside with the cancelation of the African National Congress (ANC) National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting and none inclusion of the alliance as a whole. We now depend entirely on two leaders and the rest of the leaders and the people are spectators. The current situation has created an unnecessary state of anxiety and uncertainty, it is in this context that we are of the firm view that the matter ought to be expediated in a manner that seeks to safeguard the unity of the people. We reaffirm the position of the SACP that the ANC NEC must recall President Zuma if he cannot voluntarily resign, as he has donated with the sovereignty of our country.

The PEC added its voice in welcoming the outcomes of the ANC 54th National Conference held in December 2017 and saluted the ANC for successful January 8th Rally held in East London in the Eastern Cape which contributed in building foundation for the restoration of the people`s trust to the movement in the eyes of our people. The PEC is of the firm view that, for the SACP, this period requires the SACP to assert its independence and implement its 14th National Congress resolutions including the contestation of state and popular power. It is important that we never pin our hopes to an individual leader of an organisation at a given moment but to always pin our hopes to the people and organisations.

The PEC also rejected the use of workers` money by the PIC to bail out Eskom. We are of the firm that instead of this move the relevant security organs like asserts forfeiture unit must move with speed get back all that was looted by the Gupta linked criminal network. The PEC views the role of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) as key for driving a second more radical phase of our transition and its collapse will have dire consequences to the people. On the planned extension CPS contract by Social Development, the PEC also expressed its rejection to the move as it is designed to delaying the use of Post Bank as a preferred service provider of social grants.


The meeting also expressed its concern about the recent media reports and public pronouncements of planned reshuffles in both provincial government and local municipalities without engagement with alliance partners way before even the meeting of the Alliance Political Council (Officials of all alliance components). The PEC called for a meaningful consultation and a comprehensive assessment of the performance of departments, municipalities and comrades deployed. These developments underline the urgency of a re-configured alliance, for a new way of doing things and start to treat each other in the alliance as equal partners. The meeting emphasised that the reconfiguration of the alliance should find expression from below for it to have a true meaning.

The SACP wishes to caution our long-standing ally, the African National Congress of implementing changes in the political leadership in governance after each elective conference of the ANC. If this goes on without diligent political management of such transition(s) it will give birth to intense leadership contestations in the ANC, which will be contestations of cabinet positions than leadership positions.

The PEC also reiterated its rejection of the incorporation of Matatiele to the province of KwaZulu Natal as it will have dire consequences for the province. To this end the meeting committed to mobilise the people against the move and as the SACP we will be making a comprehensive submission to the coming public hearings in this regard.


We shall use this year on building a popular left front to advance a radical, socialist oriented national democratic revolution with and for the workers and poor. We closed our meeting in a high note committing ourselves to advance the SACP 14th National Congress Resolutions and SACP 8th Provincial Congress resolutions including actively contesting elections.

Issued by the SACP Eastern Cape.


Siyabonga Mdodi
SACP Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: +27833588070
Office: +27406351042
Email: simdodi@gmail.com
Facebook: SACP Eastern Cape
Twitter: @SACPECmedia
Website: www.sacp.org.za