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SACP Free State response on the EFF allegations concerning Metsimaholo

13 December 2017

SACP Free State Province response to reckless and dishonest statement by the Economic Freedom Fighters

The South African Communist Party (SACP) does not always like to respond to childish propaganda spread against the Party. In this specific instance the SACP found it necessary to provide clarity in response to the infantile disorder displayed by the EFF and its attention seeking attacks directed at the SACP. The SACP dismisses the allegations levelled against it by the EFF in its statement released on Tuesday, 12 December 2017

The only honest part of the statement of EFF is that "The EFF had approached the SACP to agree on forming a red government". At no point, has the SACP at any level approached any political party in forming a coalition other than going back to our communities in Metsimaholo to report back and receive a mandate after the 29 November elections. The SACP is a seasoned political party and is not afraid of engagements with any organisation, hence we never closed our doors to engage anyone, including allowing the EFF to engage with us on what kind of municipality can be agreed upon in the best interest of the struggling workers and poor communities of Metsimaholo.


1. On approaching SACP, on four occasions, the EFF spoke of the "first red government" between the SACP and the EFF in Metsimaholo.
2. The SACP categorically told the EFF that the SACP will not align with the DA as the SACP`s historical mission to emancipate the working class from capitalist exploitation is incompatible with the opposite agenda represented by the DA.
3. The SACP made it clear to the EFF about the kind of municipality, quality of services to the people, and the respect and development of workers our Party wants to see in Metsimaholo.
4. The EFF committed the following errors:

  • The EFF spoke on behalf of the DA and expressed blue disagreements about SACP`s participation with regard to the position of Speaker in the "first red government" in Metsimaholo. This confirmed three things; firstly that the DA and the EFF are handled from a common control centre elsewhere; secondly that the DA has an upper hand over the EFF; thirdly that the EFF has been formally subordinated to the DA where the two established a coalition in favour of leadership by the DA with the EFF playing the role of its voting fodder.
  • In the imagination of the EFF the SACP should agree to be reduced to a voting fodder of the EFF-DA axis depending on what the DA and their handlers say.
  • As the SACP, we are seriously disappointed at how the EFF leadership conducted itself by issuing a statement that distorts the facts around the disagreement. The SACP vehemently rejected the poisoned chalice and the co-option it was offered under the EFF-DA axis.

As to when the forthcoming ANC national conference will start and end has no bearing whatsoever on the democratic revolutionary duty of the SACP to go back to communities and consult with the people who voted for the Party on the latest developments regarding the challenges facing the formation of Metsimaholo local government following the 29 November elections.

The SACP has taken a decision not to endorse a preferred name for ANC president. As a matter of principle the SACP discussed and openly communicated overall good leadership qualities that the ANC needs in the context of a reconfigured alliance and as a leader of our republic at present. It is no secret that the SACP has called for a leadership committed to genuinely fighting corruption, ending state capture and radically reducing inequality, unemployment, poverty and social insecurity.

At no point, will the SACP take a reckless move to get involved into ANC factions that are tearing it apart on a daily basis. These are the factions that the SACP continues to condemn and we cannot be part of them.

It is no secret that the ANC has ultimately approached the SACP, not the other way around, to speak about a coalition, in the same way the SACP allowed the EFF to engage with it. The SACP will remain loyal to the communities that approached the Party to stand for the 29 November elections in Metsimaholo and will strengthen and deepen the ties through ongoing democratic consensus-seeking consultation and respect for mandate!

It is in the best interest of Metsimaholo communities to have a functional municipality. The SACP will be the last to support a process to strain people and workers of Metsimaholo to go to an unnecessary re-run



Mojalefa Simango - SACP Free State Second Deputy Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 084 722 9684 or 079 515 55121
Phillip Kganyago - SACP Free State Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: 071 896 0157