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SACP Western Cape 3rd Provincial Council declaration

11 December 2017

As communist cadres comprising of SACP Districts, Branches and the YCL representing the entire membership and working class converged in the 3rd Provincial Council on 9 December at Ntsebenziswano to deliberate on the state of the revolution in our country and our province. Importantly, delegates reflected on the regressive developments in the international political terrain.

We salute the courage of gallant communist militants who campaigned aggressively with little resources and time to secure PR seats in Metsimaholo in the Free State. We congratulate the selfless activists who raised the red flag without expectation of material benefit or patronage but placing the interests of the working class first.

As delegates we register our disdain at the abhorrent dehumanising enslavement of Africans in Libya for sale in Europe. This is the worst crime against the dignity of Africans. We call upon the United Nations and the African Union to, not only condemn but, act against syndicates perpetrating the heinous crime.

We further condemn the right wing recklessness of Donald Trump; first, in ostensibly recognizing Jerusalem as capital city of Apartheid Israel which is an affront to the two-state solution and peace in the Middle East; secondly, the regression in Cuba-US relations which is based on Trumps hatred for the idea of self-determination of Cuba. We salute the resolute leadership of Cuban revolutionaries in defending their territorial integrity and right to self-determination.

On the domestic front, as delegates we reiterate our longstanding position that the Zuma Presidency has plunged the country into constitutional and economic crisis. There's a plethora of judgments by various courts including the apex court. The latest scathing judgement was delivered by Gauteng High Court to invalidate the appointment of the National Director of Public Prosecution and that the President is conflicted therefore Deputy President ordered to appoint a new incumbent. These developments confirm the correctness of our position that Zuma must resign and a judicial commission of inquiry be established.

We lament the fact that the consequences of the influence of the Gupta corrupt parasitic network with the protection of Jacob Zuma (and his keepers) include undermining of Parliament by evading public accountability as well as ignoring court orders in respect of payment of SASSA grants by the Department of Social Development. We also condemn the recent appointment of individuals who are implicated in the Gupta leaked emails into the boards of Eskom and Denel.

The 54th National Conference of the ANC is upon us and this will be a watershed moment as the revolution is at cross-roads. Delegates to that conference must choose to rescue the revolution or face implosion which will plunge it further into a paralysis. There will be serious consequences for the Alliance, our revolution and the trajectory of our country.

We call for a full scale investigation on the Steinhoff fraud scandal which threatens the security and future of workers and their hard earned pensions invested by Public Investment Corporation (PIC). We call on trade unions particularly our ally Cosatu to play a key role in determining investment decisions of the PIC.

As communists condemn prevailing high levels of gender-based violence and we demand complete intolerance for, and ruthless action against, women abuse from law-enforcement authorities and society in general. We understand that the material basis of gender based violence is the existing system of supper exploitation and oppression of women.

In our province we are confronted with a self-inflicted water crisis due to arrogance of the DA government and colossal failure to plan. Now the poor is being punished through water restrictions whilst the rich still enjoy unrestricted access for their lavish pools and lawns. We vehemently reject the water tax (drought charge) imposed by the DA on the residents of Cape Town. The strange paradox is that whilst the poor are facing water restrictions the greedy capitalists are profiting from the sale of water which is a basic human necessity. Therefore, we propose restrictions on sale of water for profit.

Delegates resolved to intensify the fight against corruption at PRASA which has plunged the rail service into a crisis leading to loss of life and livelihoods for the working class.

We note that the DA is consumed by factional battles between the remnants of National Party, the liberal old guard, the ID faction as well as the token clique of Bonginkosi Madikizela. We note that the factional battles in the DA provincial leadership are affecting governance and administration which impacts on service delivery.

The lie of DA clean governance has been exposed through revelations of R43 million rands that are unaccounted for in the My City connect project. There has also been a massive breach of supply chain regulations in respect to exorbitant and irregular expenditure on security upgrades in Patricia De Lille's private residence. We once again call upon law enforcement to conduct an extensive investigation and prosecute all those implicated. Corruption robs the poor of decent quality services.

Finally, we wish the entire working class a restful festive break. Drive safe and arrive alive!!


Cde Benson Ngqentsu

South African Communist Party, Western Cape
Trade Union House, 8 Beverly Street, Athlone