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Declaration of the KK Chule Papiyane 4th District Congress

14 October 2017

We, the delegates to the South African Communist Party (SACP) K.K. Chule Papiyane 4th District Congress held today on 11 November 2017 at KwaNomzamo Community Hall, Kouga Sub-District.

We have gathered here in our 4th District Congress under the theme"Building a Communist Cadre for the Advancement of the Working Class struggle for Socialism". The Congress theme is informed by the scientific understanding that both ideological and political clarity is not something that is either ordained or comes naturally from an individual, but work that the working class advanced section should continuously be embarking on (i.e. sharpening our tools of analysis: Marxism-Leninism).

We are meeting here today in this Sub-District, where the ANC-led alliance fourteen months ago lost the Kouga Local Municipality to the DA and we find ourselves in the opposition benches. We are strategically here to reflect on what had happened and come up with a programme to regain the lost ground.

The 4th District Congress occurred three months after our Party had held a successful 14th National Congress, where we took the fundamental decision to openly contest State Power. The Congress noted that the 14th National Congress has deferred to the Special National Congress in 2018 to adopt a road map in this regard.

The District Congress has welcomed the decision of the Central Committee for the Party to contest the local government elections that are to take place at Metsimaholo Local Municipality. As we welcome this decision from the CC, we are affirming our independence as an organisation, but also putting to practicality of the 14th National Congress on the State Power Debate.

The Congress has been convened at a time when in the month of October 2017, we are celebrating two outstanding centenaries: The Red October Socialist Revolution and the O.R. Tambo centenary. This Congress has affirmed the fact that the Red October Socialist Revolution as the greatest event of all human history, when the working class and the poor of Soviet Russia took power.

The centenary of the Socialist Revolution is an opportunity to reflect on the working class struggles around the world. As we celebrate this centenary of the Socialist Revolution we need to acknowledge that in our country, the working class is in danger of losing the gains achieved by the political breakthrough of 1994. The Congress has noted the once "messiah" or the "Lula" of the working class of South Africa, Cde Jacob Zuma has betrayed and sold our hard won state to the Gupta Family and to Russian oligarchies.

Congress has noted that during the month of O.R. Tambo, the long serving president of the ANC, instead of being used to deepen unity within the liberation movement and its alliance partners, the president saw fit to saw division in our alliance by removing our General Secretary, Cde Blade Nzimande from the Cabinet.

The Congress also noted and reflected on the Eastern Cape 8th Provincial Conference of the ANC and its outcomes. We are deeply concerned by the manner in which the members of the ANC conducted themselves in that Conference. We are equally concerned by the manner in which the ANC NEC is handling the outcome of that Conference.

We, the delegates to this Congress re-commit ourselves to the unity of the Alliance in the District. We further commit to re-building and strengthening of every Sub-District to grow the membership of the Party in our District.


1. Acknowledging that the Congress could not conclude it's business, the newly elected DEC is charged with the responsibility to speedily convene a Special District Council to do such.
2. To recommend to SACP PEC that due to the vastness of the District the Congress agreed that the K.K. Chule Papiyane be re-demarcated into two i.e. Mid Karoo (Beyer's Naude and Blue Crane Route)
3. That the Political Education & Party Building be re-established.
4. We note the Alliance Council decision to come up with modalities to reconfigure the structure of the Alliance, which the Congress resolved to that there should be an Alliance Summit in our District.

The congress elected the District Executive Committee as follows:

District Secreatry: Comrade Mfundo Sobele
District Chairperson: Comrade Simphiwe Rune
District Treasurer: Comrade Phumza Nkwalase
District Deputy Secretary: Comrade Bongani Hanise
District Deputy Chairperson: Comrade Smilo Ncethezo

Additional members:

Michael Ngcayisa
Mncedi Boma
Ntombizakhe Tim
Maria Danster
Vuyokazi Oliphant
Lungile Klaas
Khalipha Nelani
Vumile Lwana
Thulani Grootboom
Kgotso Moleli
Nomzamo Williams
Fuzile Yake
Magdalene Dlomo
Ntsigo Johnson
Zoliswa Skritch

The congress was closed in high spirit by the newly elected District Secretary and committed the newly elected District Executive Committee to unite the working class, lead the working class struggles and to build an agile and adaptive party that is ready for any eventuality.

Issued by the SACP KK Chule Papiyane District.

Mfundo Sobele
SACP District Secretary
Mobile: 0736264072
Email: mfundosobele@gmail.com