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SACP-COSATU Gauteng Province Press Statement

13 September 2017

SACP AND COSATU in Gauteng Province held a bilateral meeting on Monday, 11th September 2017 at COSATU House. Bilateral meeting was attended by Office Bearers of the two class formations and deliberated on a range of issues and amongst others resolved as follows.

Strengthening unity of SACP and COSATU to defeat corporate capture of the state

The meeting deeply analysed and assessed the class balance of forces internationally, nationally and in the province and their impact on the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) as our strategic perspective and program.

It was resolved and emphasised that the NDR remains the most relevant and unifying perspective to strengthen the maximum unity of the SACP and COSATU in their shared commitment to build socialism and consolidate our national democracy.

We agreed that the contradiction of corporate capture of the state constitutes the most immediate and serious threat to the NDR and the Alliance's commitment to a radical socio-economic transformation. The meeting therefore resolved to mobilise the working class and the workers in particular behind the COSATU National strike on the 27th September 2017.

We have agreed that all communists in the province will join workers and the working class in general to push back the frontiers of corporate capture as a form of class contest of the state by the parasitic networks and the bourgeoisie.

The meeting welcomed the planned COSATU Shop-steward Council to be held on the 19th September in the Johannesburg City Hall. The COSATU National Strike will proceed from COSATU House and end at the Office of the Premier of Gauteng Province. The office of President Jacob Zuma has been notified to receive the Memorandum of Demands at the Premier's Office.

Immediate launch of joint election campaign to defend Gauteng Province against right-wing parties

Meeting identified as an urgent and immediate threat to the NDR, the possibility of a counter-revolutionary electoral onslaught by right-wing parties in the 2019 National and Provincial Elections. In this regard, it was agreed that such a possibility will have severe negative implications for the workers and the working class in general.

We have noted the real danger that the historic enemies and forces linked to imperialism are confident to take effective control of the key and powerful sites of the economy that are mainly located in our province. Our experience and memory of the last 2016 local government elections and of low percentage in the 2014 National and Provincial Elections makes this threat even more serious and imminent.

We have seen the negative impact of the DA-EFF coalition and the subsequent literal collapse of service delivery and governance in the Cities of Johannesburg and Tshwane. Working class communities have suffered real collapse and failure of service delivery in areas such as refuse removal and electricity disruptions.

We have also seen direct attacks on hard earned political rights with the recent conflation of employment opportunities with political party affiliation, bashing and attacks of trade unions especially SAMWU and its members.

We have therefore resolved that as part of our principled and profound resolutions on the call for a Reconfigured Alliance, and as part of practically giving effect to this principle, we should as a matter of urgency launch our election campaign in the province. Through the election campaign, we believe we will defend and consolidate our province from electoral capture by right-wing political parties.

We have resolved to commence immediately with our Qina Msebenzi/Tia Mosomi Election Campaign that focuses on mobilising workers at the workplace. We will therefore be going to all industrial sites in our province.

We will also leverage this campaign to build a strong and vibrant COSATU through membership recruitment and political education. Our election campaign launch will be unveiled at Cosatu Provincial Shop-steward Council next week and then to the factories and workplaces.

We believe starting our elections campaign now as independent Alliance partners with revolutionary interest in defending our province, constitutes the most direct and practical way-forward towards a Reconfigured Alliance. We strongly and firmly believe that a Reconfigured Alliance will not happen in a board-room, but practically in daily struggles on the ground.

Climate Change and extreme weather conditions

The meeting pledged solidarity with the working class and people of South, Central, and North America following devastating and battering hurricanes. We have noted that whilst hurricanes, floods and heavy rains are natural disasters, they are worsened by changes in weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold. In other words, these are the result of both the natural and human factors.

We conducted an assessment of the capacity and all-round readiness of our municipalities to defend and protect the working class in our province, which more often experiences disasters as a result of floods and heavy rains. We are deeply concerned about the total collapse of services and systems in the municipalities in the cities of Joburg and Tshwane, to rise to the occasion if such disasters were to happen. As matters stand, these two big metros are effectively hung on the air and therefore unable to function and deliver services to the people. We believe that the sooner these failed and botched coalitions handover these municipalities back to the ANC, the better for the people.

SACP 2017 Red October Campaign

The meeting noted and appreciated that the SACP 2017 Red October Campaign celebrates the centenary or 100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution that installed the first workers' government in what became the Soviet Union. In line with the decisions of the last Central Committee, this year's Red October will be dedicated to the struggles against gender based violence based on the Triple oppression of women on race, gender and class.

We therefore resolved to jointly participate in the Red-Walk in memory of the centenary of the Soviet Union and its unparalleled contribution to our freedom and liberation, and dedication to the women of country and the province. The Red-Walk will take place from Constitutional Hill through the Mandela Bridge and then end with a Rally at the Johannesburg City Hall, Sunday, 08th, October 2017 starting at 10h00.

Issued by the SACP Gauteng province


SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary: Jacob Mamabolo (082 884 1868)

COSATU Provincial Secretary: Dumisani Dakile (082 727 1422)