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SACP-COSATU Provincial Executive Committees hold a successful bilateral

30 August 2017

The Provincial Executive Committees of the SACP and COSATU met on Wednesday, 23 August 2017 at Mbombela to strengthen the unity and cohesion between the two socialist formations in the province. The meeting scanned the political environment domestically and globally through the input by both provincial secretaries and consolidated a joint action plan to address issues affecting the working class in the province.

The bilateral meeting took place after a successful 14th National Congress of the Party and the COSATU Central Executive Committee meeting, which in a way took some resolutions in the interest of the working class.

Build a strong revolutionary alliance to advance a socialist-orientated NDR.

The meeting reaffirmed the relevance of the two organisations in uniting the working class for the advancement of the National Democratic Revolution. Nationally, our revolutionary alliance which is glued by the programme of the NDR is on the brink of collapse and no longer a political centre; it has been replaced by Gupta parasitic network operating from the corners of Saxon-world.

We however, appreciate the improved relations of the alliance in the province and all structures are committed to contribute positively to the unity and cohesion of the progressive forces in the province through a radical action plan that seeks to address the plight of the working class in the province.

We are deeply concerned with the behaviour of some regional structures which are hell-bent on undermining the strides made at the provincial level and call on the Provincial Alliance Secretariat to urgently convene Regional Alliance Summit to deal with all political issues at sub-provincial level.

Advance and Defend the National Democratic Revolution

The meeting noted that the NDR is at an interregnum due to many factors both internal and externally influenced. Racism and tribalism reverse the gains we made in harmonising the situation and it is painful when it is experienced even within the circles of the progressive forces. The growing vulgarisation of the gender struggle must be condemned by all progressive forces and not allow any person regardless of status to use the gender struggle to advance narrow factional and selfish-interests. We further categorically state that, capitalism knows no colour, except to maximise profit at the expense of the majority of our people.

Our class contradictions in the NDR can never be resolved by portraying the Guptas as an alternative to the existing monopoly capital. Though, we accept de-racialisation of the economy, which on its own cannot be done by creating hegemony of a certain race at the helm. We reject the trajectory of the Guptarisation of our economy under the guise of the purported Radical Economic Transformation.

Victories in the interest of the working class

The meeting acknowledged the compensation of the affected families of the trapped Lilly mine workers and those who were rescued as promised earlier in the year. COSATU and all progressive forces managed to assist the workers and even entrench NUM as a union of choice to the workers. We stood side-by-side fighting against moratorium in the provincial government and we are pleased to see the advertisement of vacant posts in various departments.

Consolidation of joint programs and campaigns

The meeting committed for the two organisations to work closely and implement joint programs and campaigns. We will work together to stage a people`s march against state capture and corruption, convene a joint political school and jobs summit. We vow to consolidate the unity of the working class in building a popular front to advance the National Democratic Revolution.

Issued by SACP and COSATU Mpumalanga


Mandla Tibane - SACP First Deputy Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 079 406 2099

Thabo Mokoena - COSATU Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 073 750 2041