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Post Provincial Executive Committee Meeting Statement

17 August 2017

The SACP Western Cape concluded its 2nd Provincial Executive Committee meeting on Monday, 14 August 2017 in Athlone. The PEC reflected amongst others on the resolutions of the recent successful 14th National Congress of our Party, march for the recall of President Zuma and the ongoing work of building the broadest possible patriotic front to defend our country`s constitution and deepen our democracy. The PEC discussed state of our alliance, inclusive the ANC in the province and the agency of progressive civil society against the anti-poor DA policies. The PEC conducted an analysis of the international situation and its relationship to developments in our country.

The character of the international situation: key issues

Fascism is in the rise in the United States. It has been emboldened by the ascendance of Donald Trump. His demagogy is reintroducing Nazi bigotry and polarising the working class in the US along racial, ethnic and religious lines, all of which, together with xenophobia, instigate hatred and violence.

The parochial and reactionary posture of Donald Trump has intensified leading to regression of the sound decision taken by his predecessor in relation to Cuba. Trump has decided to reverse the process of normalisation of diplomatic relations as well as prospects of lifting the illegal economic embargo against Cuba. This decision must be condemned with the contempt it deserves from all the progressive people`s of the world.

Kenya held its elections just prior to the PEC meeting. Uhuru Kenyata emerged victorious as Kenya`s President. The PEC noted that there were disputes lodged and hopes that the disputes will be resolved peacefully contrary to the background of elections-related violence in Kenya leading to loss of life of serious injuries.

Our Party`s 14th Congress

There was a desire outside of our movement to see the collapse of the Alliance. The desire included calls for the SACP leave the Alliance. The calls were not motivated by any support for a socialist revolution, but an anti-Alliance politics. In contrast our resolution for the Party to pursue the reconfiguration of the Alliance and actively contest elections within the umbrella of a reconfigured Alliance was aimed at strengthening the Alliance. In the same vein if the Alliance was not reconfigured to move with the times the Party had to consider actively contesting elections outside of the ANC-led electoral contest in its untransformed form.

The PEC firmly therefore rejected the narrative that sought to reduce the political significance of the SACP resolution to actively contest elections by fudging it with previous resolutions on state power. The substance of the resolution responds to the urgent necessity to rescue the national democratic revolution from the current interregnum. This should happen through a reconfiguration of the Alliance repositioning the entire Alliance as the political centre in strategic decision making because clearly the current modus operandi is not working and it must be changed.

Other critical resolutions involve the current question on the transformation of the semi-colonial character and underlying untransformed production structure of our country`s economy. Principally our pre-occupation is about ensuring building people`s co-operative banks, as well as establishing a sovereign wealth fund to invest in communities for the benefit of the working class and liberate them from the clutches of capitalism.

Equally Important the PEC reflected on the rise tide of violence against women and young girls. This scourge of violent attacks on women and sexual crimes requires urgent national response strategy rather than ad hoc approaches. Many women are reported missing and eventually found dead often killed by their partners which indicates that our struggle to defeat patriarchy is far from over. A comprehensive strategy needs to be urgently developed and implemented urgently.

The SACP in the Western Cape denounces the recent attack on women and the elitist and selective manner with which the South African authorities handled the matter relating to comrade Mduduzi Manana and Grace Mugabe, the wife of the Zimbabwe President Mugabe. How the two incidents of violence were handled confirms that in a class divided society the criminal justice system if not anchored in democratic popular power will be used to serve those with money.

The recall of the President Zuma and #UniteBehind March

Our state is in an interregnum. There is a shadow state operating outside the parameters of the constitution. There is overwhelming evidence of corporate capture of the state through tender fraud and corruption. The undisputed #Guptaleaks have been corroborated by some cabinet ministers and high-ranking government officials and parastatals represent a part if the evidence. The PEC re-affirmed its support for the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry without undue delay.

The SACP reaffirmed its resolution, shared by many South Africans, for President Zuma to step down and further call on the ANC to recall him. It is on this basis that the SACP participated in the march on 7 August 2017 including progressive civil society organisations under the banner of #UniteBehind to call that the ANC NEC must take responsibility and recall the errant President.

It is clear that the national democratic revolution is under threat from within and without. The threat from within is personified by of the many on-goals scored by President Zuma supported by his blind loyalists and incapacity to hold him accountable. As the SACP we are conscious of the fact that removing Zuma will not resolve all the systematic problems in the movement - but it will certainly be a step in the right direction to resolve the many problems arising out of his pathetic and in many ways failed leadership. The opponents of the revolution made it clear that they want not only to remove Zuma but to remove the ANC government. This was epitomised by the failed immature stunt by the leader of the DA, Maimane. The SACP does not agree with the dislodgement of the ANC.

Hands Off SACP General Secretary Blade Nzimande

The SACP in the province has observed with extreme dismay attempts by some in the ANC who seek to isolate and call for the removal of our General Secretary comrade Blade Nzimande from the Cabinet because of his political views as the leader of the SACP on the state of our revolution and our movement. If President Zuma is determined to use the tool of the revolution, his prerogative to make appointments and change them he is free to do so and, equally, he must be prepared to face South Africa`s working class. The SACP condemns in the strongest terms possible factionalism masqueraded as revolutionary discipline.

Current political dynamics in the province

The PEC received a comprehensive political input on the state of the movement and the alliance from the Acting Provincial Chairperson of the ANC, Cde Khaya Magaxa. The PEC concluded that our movement in the province has deep rooted challenges which are as a result of corporate capture, lack of programmatic relationship between alliance partners, the ineffective bilateral meetings which have not yielded growth and improve the strength of the Alliance. It is in this context that the SACP re-affirms its 8th Provincial Congress resolution that we must build a campaigning party for popular power.

The SACP notes that the ANC in the province is on a dangerous declining path which will degenerate and destroy the movement. The infighting and factionalism in the Western Cape Province and the regions of the African National Congress are as a direct result of the use of money to influence the direction of the ANC. Whilst we welcome the decision by the ANC NEC to reinstate the REC of Dullah Omar, we are disturbed by the deep rooted divisions at all levels.

As the SACP we cautioned the ANC provincial leadership not to act recklessly and purge structures for short-term political gains because that marks the degeneration which will paralyse the organization. In the same vein the SACP in the province warned the ANC against selective implementation of the ANC NEC List Investigation findings and recommendations. The SACP in the province demands that the recommendations must be implemented in full and not selectively to target opponents and shield associates.

The DA led government in the province and the city at large seem oblivious and immune to the economic conditions and social conditions on the ground. They are currently utilizing a popular electoral mandate to suppress the communities needs by their patronage networks and using provincial and city resources to stifle service delivery and economic opportunities for the people of Hout Bay, imizamo Yethu in particular. The people of Imizamo yethu are left destitute following the recent fires outbreaks. The DA government continues to divide the people of Hout Bay. It is said that both the City of Cape Town and Provincial government never prioritised the plight of the people of Imizamo Yethu.

The SACP supports the radical efforts by civil society and residents to oppose the sale of public land and building through dodgy deals between Zille and developers. The bold actions of activists to occupy buildings which the DA seeks to privatize introduces radical forms of organizing and therefore the SACP encourages the agency of the people on the ground. It is high time that the DA prioritises the needs of the people and not pockets of greedy developers.

Issued by the Western Cape SACP

Benson Ngqentsu - Provincial Secretary

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