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Western Cape Provincial Council Statement

2 July 2017

The SACP Western Cape Province held its 1st Provincial Council since the election of its new Provincial Executive Committee (PEC). The Council was attended by delegates from all structures of the SACP across the province. The central focus of the Provincial Council was to prepare for the 14th Party Congress scheduled to be held in Gauteng Province in the City of Chris Hani, Ekurhuleni, from 10 to 15 July 2017.

The Council received analysis of the current political situation from Comrade Solly Mapaila, our Second Deputy General Secretary. He re-affirming our resolve to provide leadership to the progressive forces against the decadence in our ANC-led broad movement, and to advance the National Democratic Revolution (NDR). No one has monopoly over the leadership of the NDR. Accordingly, the Party will aggressively mobilise various class forces across society to organically, as a broad front, build hegemony and alternative but democratic seizure of working class power. It is in this context that the 1st Provincial Council re-affirms the 8th Provincial Congress resolution that the Party must consider an electoral route.

The Council noted that whilst removing President Jacob Zuma will not solve all our problems but that keeping him there is exacerbating the problems. The President`s resignation will therefore serve as a strong step toward to decisive self-correction.

The Council noted that this year marks 96 fighting years of our Party and its effort to unite the toiling masses in a revolutionary struggle against colonialism, which includes apartheid, and fascism, and capitalist and imperialist exploitation. The SACP has always been the torchbearer, in theory development and practice, by advancing the liberation struggle for complete emancipation from the three interrelated contradictions of class exploitation, racial oppression and gender domination. Capitalism is a dominant contradiction in our society, hence we must build a broad front for socialism, for fundamental social transformation to combat and bring to an end class exploitation, racism and sexism.

The Council noted that the ANC is on a dangerous declining path. If this is not stopped, it will degenerate and destroy the ANC with far reaching implications beyond the ANC. Recent developments in the ANC PEC in the Western Cape show symptoms of a deeper crisis. The divisive tendencies displayed at the aborted ANC Provincial Policy Conference were unfortunate. Meetings held in the dark of night to the exclusion of other leaders is a major concern. Worse, the fact that leading PEC members, regional leaders and the leagues have distanced themselves from those PEC decisions exposes the depth of divisions.

In this respect, it is incumbent on the ANC NEC to act and combat factionalism and enforce discipline in light of the recent purging through dissolution of structures. The perversion of the ANC constitution through selective approaches and dissolutions will prove to be problematic to unity and cohesion.

The ANC NEC list process report uncovered gross acts of non-registration of candidates and manipulation of lists. The recommendations of the report must be implemented in full.

Our Council also called on the Public Protector and Public Service Commission to investigate MEC Madikizela, the token DA leader in the province, about his links to construction companies that apparently give him kickbacks through among expensive birthday parties whilst benefiting from his department. The ethical conduct of the entire DA administration is questionable. Zille also committed serious violations of the code of ethics by using her position to benefit her son within the education space.

The Council observed that the DA is obsessed with "clean audits" and less concerned about improving service delivery and the living conditions of the poor majority. Service delivery standards have declined and the conditions of the poor have deteriorated whilst the DA celebrates "clean audits". In fact the DA must account for the millions it returns to National Treasury whilst neglecting the needs of the poor.

The protest in Hout Bay indicates the frustration of the victims of a fire disaster which left many destitute which the DA never sought to prioritise. The urgency of the DA government intervention in Knysna was different and support disproportionate. The prioritisation of Knysna by the DA and corporates exposes class orientation because when the poor are affected there is no urgency but when white middle class if affected large sums of money are deployed. By the way there is even stratification of support to Knysna victims in terms of economic status.

The SACP is encouraged by the response of Parliament to its memorandum to institute investigations into all State Owned Entities to root out corruption, rent-seeking parasitic networks. In particular, the SACP stands ready to make representations to other committees as we did in the Potforlio Committee on Energy regarding the shenanigans in PetroSA. We look forward to wider investigations at all other SOEs such as Prasa, Eskom, Transnet, SABC, SASSA etc.

Council re-affirmed SACP position calling for the speedy investigation, arrest and conviction of those involved in the attempted assassination of our 2nd Deputy General Secretary Solly Mapaila. The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be brought to book urgently.

Forward to the 14th National Congress Forward!!


Benson Ngqentsu - SACP`s Western Cape Provincial Secretary,
Mobile: 0827966400/ 0838091142
Fax: 0866600992