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ZCP National production a crucial objective

12 June 2017

An extremely successful Induction Seminar for the National Steering Committee of the newly formed Zimbabwe Communist Party (ZCP) was held in Midrand over the weekend. The Seminar was conducted with the assistance of the South African Communist Party and other fraternal organisations.

The policy and activity of the Zimbabwe Communist Party, according to an analysis of the conditions in Zimbabwe, is the building of a National Democratic Economy based on the self-activity of the working-people and the restoration of production. No other Zimbabwean party has a developed and practical policy like that of the ZCP which is based on working with the informal sector and the peasants to improve production in both urban and rural areas, uniting the fragmented trade union movement. In South Africa, it is working with migrant workers organisations in co-ordination with South African trade unions.

The ZCP has no interest in standing at the 2018 Zimbabwe General Election which will clearly be a contestation of individuals with no ideology and no vision.

The Zimbabwe Communist Party (ZCP) was formed at a meeting held at a secret location outside Bulawayo on 28 April this year. The police had refused permission for the Founding Conference to be held at any normal venue in that city -- where the majority of the membership was at that time; the leaders of the two pre-Party formations which came together were based. When the two leaders attempted to cross the border, Comrade Nicholas Mabhena of the Zimbabwe Communist Group and Comrade Ian Beddowes of the Zimbabwe Communist League together with Comrade Alex Mashilo of the SACP, they were held for 12 hours. Cde Ian and Alex were eventually left no other option but to return to South Africa without reaching their intended destination in Zimbabwe. Nevertheless the Conference went ahead and Comrade Nicholas Mabhena was elected as General Secretary and Comrade Ian Beddowes as National Political Commissar.

Contact: Ian Beddowes - 060 440 3137 / ianbeddowes@gmail.com