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SACP Mpumalanga Provincial Council Declaration

12 June 2017

"Building capacity for Socialism in our Lifetime!"

We the 314 delegates, representing four districts of the South African Communist Party (SACP) and Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA), graced by the presence of Central Committee members, comrade Reneva Fourie and Madala Masuku, our alliance partners the African National Congress (ANC) and Congress of South African trade Unions (COSATU), South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) and our fraternal international formation the Communist Party of Swaziland gathered here at eMakhazeni Sub-district to reflect on the revolutionary work of the Party and consolidate the provincial approach to the national conference.

The council received an input from YCLSA and the SACP Central Committee, messages of support from the liberation alliance ANC, COSATU and SANCO, and a message of international solidarity from CPS.

The council received and adopted political, organisational and financial reports as per constitutional requirement. The council is taking place during trying and difficult times due to the political and socio-economic crisis created by the ZUPTA-Mafia and their appendages in different state institution. This crisis is being felt sharply by many unemployed and poor masses due to the economic recession precipitated by uninformed and irrational cabinet reshuffle whose objective was to capture the national treasury.

We call on all progressive forces, civil society organisations and all ordinary patriotic South Africans, in particular the united alliance in Mpumalanga to make the premier league`s agenda to auction our country to the highest bidder unworkable. As part of the revolutionary renewal and unfactionalised radical economic transformation, we call on ANC structures in all provinces and regions in the spirit of OR Tambo to rescue the nation and its people to recall the now discredited and captured President Zuma who have since undermined our national sovereignty by handing it over to the Guptas.

The council is noted concern the total onslaught dispatched on those who seek to speak truth to power on challenges facing our glorious movement and the country. We condemn with contempt the cowardly behaviour by beneficiaries of state capture and defenders of the parasitic network which was witnessed with the march to our 2nd DGS, comrade Solly Mapaila`s house. Subsequently to that, we view the sacking of comrade Madoda Sambatha as nothing but a factional-based as part of purging those opposed to the Gupta programme.

Youth Month Programme

The council congratulates the YCLSA for the 95 years of unbroken struggle in advancing the struggle for socialism and rallying the youth behind the banner of the SACP. The YCLSA remain a critical political feeder for the SACP, we will strengthen YCLSA structures in order to advance the interests of young people in the province and country at large.

The council takes place during the youth month where our youth wing, the YCLSA in the province will be hosting the National Youth Month Rally to be hosted in Emalahleni Civic Centre on the 18th June 2017. The event will be addressed by the YCLSA National Secretary, comrade Mluleki Dlelanga, our General Secretary, comrade Blade Nzimande, and the ANC deputy President, comrade Cyril Ramaphosa. We call on all our structures to mobilise and contribute to the success of the event.

Defend and Advance the National Democratic Revolution

The 1929 Black Republic Thesis bestowed upon us a historic mission of strengthening and deepening the National Democratic Revolution through the alliance led by a national liberation movement. We have to do a self-reflection on our historic mission bestowed to us in giving clear ideological direction to the liberation movement. Our structures must be more visible in our communities and support our deployed cadres from the movement in defence of the NDR. We call upon all SACP members to deepen their understanding of both MTV and SARS as these are the necessary tools to advance our struggle for socialism.

The council notes with concern the capture of our revolutionary movement, the state, through money politics and patronage network which presents a real and imminent threat to all sections including the ANC, Trade Union movement, and youth formations and student movement. All this has a potential to paralyse the congress movement and render the ordinary membership to be cheerleaders and jesters of those in leadership positions.

We vow to fight against both emerging parasitic bourgeoisies and established capital (monopoly) in their zeal to capture the state and our movement. As part of defending and advancing the NDR that is collapsing under the guidance of the now weakened ANC, we reaffirm our congress resolution for the SACP contesting State Power through the ballot working together with progressive forces to formulate a socialist front to advance the course of the working class and rescue the people`s revolution.

Stop the killing and abuse of women and children.

The council noted with concern the continuing brutal killings of our mothers and sisters in our country in particular by their intimate partners. The inherited apartheid legacy of violence should be deliberately tackled through different means. We call on the security apparatus and our justice system to mete out severe sentences against perpetrators of violence against women and children.

International Context


The council commends the work by Southern African Development Community (SADC) for ensuring a smooth and democratic elections which were reasonably free and fair. We note with concern the historical relations between the incoming Prime Minister, Tom Thabane and the discredited Gupta family. We hope the sovereignty of the Basotho nation will not be undermined by these unholy relations.


Latin America is facing the onslaught from the imperialists, and Venezuela is part of the victims. We condemn with contempt the undemocratic attempts to dispose a democratically elected government by the CIA sponsored opposition in Venezuela. We call on Latin American countries to close ranks and support the under siege President Maduro and his socialist government.


We congratulate the Labour Party in Britain for their sterling performance during the snap elections called by the now under siege and unpopular Conservative Party`s Prime Minister Theresa May which has weakened her hand in dealing with the complex Brexit process. This is a step in the right direction in the revival of the Labour Party and eventually taking over government in restoring a people`s centred and anti-market government.

Issued by SACP Mpumalanga

Bonakele Majuba - Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 082 968 4877

Lesetja Dikgale - Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: 076 869 4360

Nomusa Keninda - Provincial Media Liaison
Mobile: 072 741 4050
Office: 013 656 2073
Email: sacpmp.media@gmail.com