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Declaration of the South African Communist Party (SACP) Gauteng Province (GP) Provincial Imbizo held in Oupa Phasha District, Alberton, Sunday, 14th May 2017

15 May 2017, Gauteng Province

SACP Gauteng Province held a successful Provincial Imbizo attended by three hundred (300) delegates.

Delegates represent SACP structures, and Alliance partners, the African National Congress (ANC), Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), South Africa National Civic Organisation (SANCO), and Mass Democratic Movement, Young Communist League of SA (YCL), South African Students Congress (SASCO), Congress of South African Students (COSAS), progressive social movements such as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel (BDS), the Foundations of our Stalwarts such as the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and Mzala Nxumalo Centre and the SA TVET Student Association.

Members of the 14th National Congress Central Committee (CC), Comrade Grace Pampiri and Comrade Reneva Fourie attended and addressed Provincial Imbizo.

Alliance and MDM structures delivered messages of support.

The Provincial Imbizo received a detailed and comprehensive historic overview and analysis of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and its current contradictions, challenges and prospects for a radical second phase and transformation of the economy.

The Provincial Imbizo was convened to prepare for the SACP National Imbizo to be held on the 19th- 20th May 2017 in our province, and that its outcomes will also contribute to the forthcoming Provincial Alliance discussions including a broad range of democratic and progressive forces.

Following democratic, robust and frank discussions, we declare the following as the key outcomes of the Provincial Imbizo:

  • Our relationship as fraternal and progressive organizations is one of principle based on our collective support for the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) with the economic, social, cultural and political empowerment of all South Africans in particular the African majority as its key objective;
  • Our collective ability to lead the NDR has been undermined by a range of factors including increasing unemployment, poverty and inequality in our society, corruption in government institutions and constant in-fighting and factionalism within progressive organisations;
  • Our democratic republic is facing major challenges that includes a deliberate weakening and liquidation of major state institutions such as the State Owned Eneterprises (SOE's), the capture of key departments, the onslaught on chapter nine bodies;
  • These developments have been accentuated by the release of the state of capture report, court decisions on the SASSA grants payments, the use of rogue intelligence report for an unprincipled cabinet reshuffle that plunged our country to junk investment rating, and the recent Gupta sponsored shenanigans of returning Brian Molefe to Eskom, to mention but a few;
  • A broad range of societal and civil society organisations have emerged to take up social justice and other issues that demand public accountability;
  • A sense of impunity and disdain for our people has developed within our ranks with the consequences of the emergence of social distance between our organisations and our people;
  • We strongly believe that these factors have combined to reduce our influence in society as a whole and undermine the hard earned historic role of the ANC led Alliance as a leader of society and of the NDR;
  • We further believe that these factors place the future of the NDR at stake and threaten to reverse all attempts to promote progressive ideas and an alternative economic path in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region and the continent as a whole;
  • It is therefore urgent that all democratic forces come together to interrogate and discuss the state of the NDR, its revitalisation and the leadership question of the Movement in Society with the sole purpose of accelerating socio-economic liberation;
  • We are convinced that unless we rise to the challenges of our time and put our country and our people first we will preside over the collapse of our democratic institutions, our democratic State and our NDR;
  • We therefore reassert our belief and commitment to the historical and profound values of the NDR including self-sacrifice, public service, humility, public accountability, frank criticism and self-criticism;
  • We also reassert the will of the South African people based on our belief that the Freedom Charter as expressed in our democratic constitution remains the broad strategic framework to realise the objectives our NDR;
  • As the NDR seeks to continually change the political, cultural, ideological, social and economic relations, we believe this medium to long term programme should not be confined to periodic electoral terms. Winning of elections gives an impetus to continue to use state power to effect change. However the NDR vision and objectives of the Freedom Charter transcend electoral terms and processes, and should therefore continue to inspire us deep into the future;
  • We remain convinced that the ANC Mangaung Resolution on the need to attain the second phase of our democratic transition through radical socio economic transformation encapsulates the necessary agenda to effectively challenge the enduring problems of unemployment, poverty and inequality. What is needed is to build the capacity of our state institutions to implement this;
  • We remain convinced that our democratic State has the basic capacity to effect radical socio economic transformation through government departments, SOE's and chapter nine institutions provided we defend these from rampant corruption and willful destruction. Today we re-commit ourselves to leading an all-out war against corruption and the destruction of state institutions.

It is therefore in this current context we remain convinced of the necessity of a broad people's revolutionary front to strengthen and unite the Alliance and the revolutionary movement based on three strategic principles:

  • Recognise and defend the gains of our 1994 transition and our democratic constitution and non-racialism, non-sexism and national sovereignty. In this regard we rededicated ourselves to the historic and profound principle of non-racialism against the recent spate and wave of encroaching racist undertones disguised as part of the "radical" transformation of our country and society;
  • Unite against the capture, corruption and destruction of state institutions and SOEs;
  • And a commitment to fight poverty, inequality and unemployment.

To take forward this commitment we will:

  • Convene community mass meetings, and shop floor meetings with workers;
  • Campus meetings with students and academics;
  • Churches and religious formations;
  • Progressive NGO's, social movements and Foundations of our stalwarts. This does not include entering into strategic relations and working with reactionary forces, whilst not entirely excluding tactical and issue based interventions where conditions so dictate.

Embark on mass mobilization campaign to:

  • Directly confront the Gupta dynasty as the most immediate and urgent threat to our national sovereignty, governance of our institutions and SOE's, including mass action against the re-imposition of Brian Molefe to Eskom and the defense of our overall governance to take our country out of junk rating status to which the Gupta dynasty plunged our country.
  • Campaign for the Post-Bank to be the sole distributor of social grants to defend the social security network to benefit the most vulnerable and poor sections of the working class. We are deeply convinced that entrusting the Post Bank as the sole custodian of social grants will also defend them against deductions that constitute the most immoral and despicable act of theft and looting from the poor and the most vulnerable sections of the working class. In this regard, we will continue with our monthly picket at National Treasury as part of the count-down to April 2018 following Concourt ruling on this matter.
  • Continue broader consultations, discussions, engagements with the people on the internal SACP debates about broader questions of State and people's power including but not limited to electoral options, Reconfigured Alliance, broad revolutionary front, review of Presidential powers in the constitution on prerogatives of the President on matters of deployment.

And therefore resolve to present this declaration to the National Imbizo, Alliance engagements and all progressive social movements, NGO's and various progressive foundations as the outcomes of the Gauteng Provincial Imbizo.

We therefore present this Declaration as the basis for further engagements, discussions, consultations and scientific point of reference for the people and residents of Gauteng Province.

Issued by the SACP Gauteng province

Jacob Mamabolo - SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 082 884 1868