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Swaziland Solidarity Network press release on the failed assassination attempt of Comrade Solly Mapaila

Firstly all we demand to know from both the Minister of Police Comrade Fikile Mbalula and the Executive Mayor of Ekurhuleni Comrade Mzwandile Masina is: How was it that an assailant slipped passed into a secure event with a fire arm?

From a strategic point of view these comrades are both the executive authorities in their respective fields of responsibilities one of the safety of the citizens including the President and by virtue that the event was in the municipality and approved the event based on the Joint Organising Committee that (JOC) is was safe to do so and that attendee are guaranteed safety.

Beside the fact that in the vicinity there was the Head of State Comrade JG Zuma, Cabinet Ministers, MEC and all dignitaries that have state protection, there was also unarmed citizens in their thousands yet an assailant walked past all this security and managed to produce a fire arm in and among people that were singing, let alone that those around him have not bothered to report this incident is why all the VIP protectors never took heed of the matter and apprehended the assailant that posed a threat to thousands.

As SSN we view this recent incident at the Chris Hani Memorial as a cheap political insult by a faction to the ANC, the Alliance and the revolution.

How does anyone pull out a gun and at this sacred event and yet nothing happens to him, and single statement has been released by either the Ekurhuleni Metro nor the Police Ministry that must ensure safety of all in attendance?

As SSN we have our suspicions based on the timing between when the fire arm was produced and the proximity whereabouts of the president because that aspect in the investigation should tell a story in its own.

Had it not been for the visible umbrella that blocked the line of sight from the assailants muzzle to Comrade Chairperson Mapaila at the moment who knows what could have happened? And where if the shot was fired would it land and how many lives would be lost and injured assuming both accuracy and inaccuracy of shot in the assassination process.

Imagine also if a person or people got up within the line of fire and more innocent lives get lost or injured in a process who must be held liable?

We demand a full judiciary enquiry on this gruesome and heartless act.

The JOC must face both criminal charges and disciplinary action.

Those that saw the crime and did not report it must be criminally charged as accomplices.

If the suspect is a state protector, who is his principal officer and he or she be charged as a political accomplice.

We believe that this is an executive security breach that even the State Security Inspector General must also look into.

And the fact that those responsible for both security and organising the event have not issued a single statement and an apology to Comrade Limpho Hani must be subjected to internal ANC processes.

Issued by the Swaziland Solidarity Network


Lucky Lukhele - Spokesperson
Mobile: 0725024141