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SACP Mpumalanga condemns the cowardly plot to assassinate comrade Solly Mapaila

12 April 2017

The SACP in Mpumalanga province condemns with contempt it deserves the attempted plot to assassinate our 2nd Deputy General Secretary, comrade Solly Mapaila during the Chris Hani 24th Anniversary Commemoration.

On Monday, 10 April 2017 in the commemoration of one of the revered liberation icon and former SACP General Secretary, comrade Chris Hani; hired and co-ordinated hooligans whom some amongst them were armed wanted to execute an act of barbarism on comrade Solly just like the capitalist hired murderers killed comrade Chris.

We do not take this very lightly, noting that what was once experienced in Mpumalanga province has now escalated to be a national crisis. We view this as an attempt to intimidate and silence the voice of the Party. We stand firm in support of our 2nd Deputy General Secretary, because he represents not his views but those of the collective leadership as mostly resolved in constitutional gatherings.

The symbiotic relations between state patronage, abuse of state power and institutionalised factionalism have degenerated the movement to a point where the moral high fibre and revolutionary consciousness have since evaporated from most of our comrades in defence of their stomachs. The Monday activities reminded us on the extreme anti-communist tendencies experienced during apartheid as mastered by STRATCOM agents.

With the current state of things, we do not believe that the ANC, as captured by the parasitic bourgeoisies is still committed to the ideals, principles and values it stands for, but have allowed few captured elites and inspired by former apartheid and STRATCOM agents to undermine what the movement stands for.

If the ANC is committed to the continuity of the alliance, the time is now for the movement to cleanse itself to regain its moral fibre in the society from all such rogue elements which we saw this past weekend.

We reiterate that no amount of intimidation will deter us from speaking truth to power against the rot that has engulfed our movement and the state. The parasitic web network mastered by the Zuma and his Premier League clique have plagued the country into crisis and we are resolute that Zuma must go.

Issued by SACP Mpumalanga


Bonakele Majuba - Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 082 968 4877

Lesetja Dikgale - Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: 076 869 4360

Nomusa Keninda - Media Liaison
Mobile: 072 741 4050
Twitter: @SacpMp