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SACP Moses Mabhida Provincial Executive Committee statement

15 March 2017

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the province of Moses Mabhida, KwaZulu-Natal, held a successful Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) over the weekend for 11 to 12 March 2017, in Pine town, outside of Durban. The PEC received and discussed comprehensive political and organisational reports and a political input by the Central Committee. The meeting was also attended by the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson of the ANC in the province, comrades Sihle Zikalala and Willies Mchunu by invitation.

On his capacity as the MEC for Economic Development and Tourism, Zikalala presented the strategic package he is implementing through his Department in the province in relation to the Radical Socio-Economic Transformation.

The SACP does not define itself outside any commitment to the real radical economic transformation. The Party detest any usage of revolutionary sounding phrases which are not counterpoised by real commitment and courage. And as such, it has been agreed with the ANC leadership that a dedicated session would be set to take place as soon as possible for engagement with details of
Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (PGDS) developed by the Office of the Premier and its plan; Planning Commission report, Human Resource Development Council report and Radical Socio-Economic Transformation as a whole.

A lot of good work has gone into these strategic frameworks of the province but overlaps and lack of cohesion need to be addressed. Good policies that have a potential to unravel the current state of the provincial economic trajectory have suffered because of the lack of political will and courage.

Growth of the SACP

The PEC appreciated the upward trend membership growth of the SACP in the province. In February alone, 644 new members were recorded, a mix of youth, women and middle age male workers. The province, to date, has a membership that stands above 74 000.

The steady growth of the Party negates the often peddled narrative by our detractors that the SACP is no more a popular Party to the working class. We are only unpopular and unattractive to our class adversaries, not to the working class!

The 14th Congress and Peoples Izimbizo

The PEC appreciated that this is the year of the 14th National Congress as the Party. Amongst other issues that the Congress will discuss and exhaust is the long standing item which has dominated the Congresses of the SACP in the last 10 years, since 2005 Special congress in Durban, SACP and State power. Whilst the PEC acknowledges the often spoken narrow view of the discussion as only limited to electoral participation of the Party, the meeting agreed that the issue would be consulted widely in the province in its correct package. Contesting elections is just one variant of this strategic package albeit important.

In this regard, the PEC agreed that in the coming weeks, the SACP must convene community imbizo`s to consult and listen to the communities across the province with regard to the Party considering "popular power" as an option. This is important for the Party because it does not represent its own interest but that of the class that constitute the majority in our communities. The Party cannot go alone but will go with the masses that which it represent. Any decision in this regard must be a popular decision arising, naturally, from popular forces, the voices that are an expression of communities in their institutional types and social persuasions, and the masses of our people in their generality.

The conundrum of social grants

The SACP joins the people of this country in their dismay and anger with which Social Development and SASSA has plunged this country into a precipice of social chaos through deliberate mishandling of the social grants service provider as directed by the Constitutional Court. This human made scandal is the second worst saga since 1994, after the Arms deal scandal.

We have a strong belief that corruption intents are the foundation for which the failure to appoint a new service provider in order to justify extension of CPS contract. Here is the Minister who has chosen to run presidential political campaigns as its face instead of appearing in Parliament several times for wise counsel in ameliorating what was a looming crisis. We need government leaders who put forward the country first than party political preoccupations.

The SACP in Moses Province will call on the Central Committee to adopt a resolution for the Minister of Social Development, Minister Dlamini to be dismissed for dereliction of duty. She stands on an untenable position as part of the country`s executive; and no amount of defence can eclipse the devastating effects with which she and her SASSA Officials had plunged the country into the cusp of social malaise. This call will not be invalidated by any last minute "successful" measures to pay grants next month. Society must also put pressure by all means for the Minister to fall by her sword. Our government has been severely exposed. We must nurture a culture of public accountability and taking of full political responsibility through resigning in SA. We must impose this culture of taking responsibility by all means to leaders. The Communist Party will firmly, and always, stands with the poor and the vulnerable.

The State of the State Owned Enterprises

The PEC expressed a strong condemnation on the state of SOEs. Never before since 1994 ANC government had our state owned entities been unstable in such great proportions. The failure of governance is finding more expression in our state utilities including proxy turf political wars. SARS, PRASA, SABC and SAA are a manifestation of this toxic state of decay.

The PEC is particularly worried about the shenanigans in the Department of Water affairs. The SACP is going to meet with COSATU and NEHAWU to discuss the handling of the developments in the water sector in the province. Matters that are urgent relates to the status of water boards and water licensing. There is an emerging strong belief that there is an abuse of power and the capturing of the water sector by political deployment.

Radical Land Reform Policy

The SACP meeting agreed that the land issue remains one of the post 1994 social tinderbox. Government of the people must confront the reality and ratchet up an approach that is different and radical to deliver on this mandate. The willing-buyer, willing-seller has failed overtime and it is not sustainable.

The PEC supported the proposal by ANC in KwaZulu-Natal for the ANC Policy conference to resolve on land reform referendum on the policy proposal for expropriation of land without compensation on those who ill-begotten peoples land during dark days of white minority rule. This issue should be a uniting issue from all forces and political parties that represent the interest of the black Africans who were made hewers of wood and drawers of water by the system of the past.

Political Killings in KwaZulu-Natal

The PEC expressed its shock on the recent killing of the Richmond Municipal Manager. This killing follows a number of killings in that area and more, specifically, to the Municipality officials. The province is seriously soaked in a blood-bath. We welcome the establishment of the Premier led commission on political killings in the province. The SACP will soon be preparing its detailed submission based on evidential testimonials submitted to us by the people affected to the commission.

Issued by the SACP in Moses Mabhida (KwaZulu Natal)

For any further information and interviews:

Themba Mthembu
Provincial Secretary
083 3036 988
031-301 3806

Msizi Nhlapho
2nd Deputy Provincial Secretary
060 788 6211