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SACP Moses Kotane Augmented Provincial Executive Committee Declaration

14 March 2017

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Province of Moses Kotane, North West, convened its Annual Augmented Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting, from 11 to 12 March 2017 in the City of Matlosana. The meeting was attended by SACP Central Committee members deployed to the province, representatives of the National Committee of the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA), SACP PEC members and delegates representing Party districts, as well as representatives from the Provincial Committee of the YCLSA.

Comrade Solly Mapaila, SACP 2nd Deputy General Secretary, presented our Central Committee`s political input analysing South Africa`s political situation and reflecting on the conditions and tasks of the working class. The meeting further received and considered the Provincial Secretariat Political report discussing the political situation in the province, and a presentation by the Financial Sector Campaign Coalition (FSCC). The Augmented PEC assessed the political and organisational developments unfolding in the Province and their relationship to the national context. The meeting adopted programmatic priorities for the Party in the province for 2017 and a Programme of Action to take the priorities forward.

The Augmented PEC took place in the context of unfolding preparations for the centenary celebrations of the Great October Socialist Revolution that took place in Russia in 1917. The meeting also took place in the context of the Party preparing for its 14th National Congress. The Congress is scheduled to take place in July 2017. The Augmented PEC reiterated the SACP`s unwavering commitment to the basic programme of fighting for the development and hegemony of democratic working class control of the means of production and wealth.

The wealth produced from society`s labour must be distributed to serve societal needs rather than profit for accumulation by the exploitative bosses. It must also be distributed to each worker according to their labour contribution in production. This must serve as the basic guide to the second, more radical phase of our country`s democratic transition. In particular, this must underpin the strategic task to achieve a radical economic transformation as opposed to elitist projects to loot the unpaid labour of workers, society`s social surplus, on the basis that the looters must be promoted because they are black.

There will be no economic emancipation unless the basic wealth and resources of our country are at the disposal of the people as a whole, and are not manipulated by elitist groupings - be they white or black as declared by the ANC in its first Strategy and Tactics document adopted at its Consultative Conference held in 1969 in Morogoro, Tanzania. We will deepen our work in this regard, motivated by our centenary programmes of the Great October Socialist Revolution, and worried about the vulgarisation of radical economic transformation by elitist groupings that are interested in driving radical looting in the name of black ownership.

The SACP in Moses Kotane Province is concerned about the state of our National Democratic Revolution. The revolution is facing serious threats. If not properly attended to, this might derail the revolution and postpone an advance to a socialist transition - the sustainable solution to capitalist barbarity.

The SACP takes full responsibility for the successes and weaknesses of the revolution. But this excludes responsibility for orchestrated and systematic processes of corruption within and outside of the state, state owned enterprises and our movement. To us as the SACP, collective responsibility is inseparable from individual accountability based on a common programme and proper division of work. Collective responsibility is incompatible with its contradictions, such as factionalism, looting, corruption, buying and manipulation of membership and votes, patronage, social distance from the mass and membership base, deviation from organisational principles and distortion of internal as well as ultimately national democracy.

Corruption is the greatest threat facing our democracy. It is undermining our democratic gains and the development of our democracy to its full potential. Corruption takes resources away from the poor, and denies them basic and quality services.

It is very sad that some of the individuals who are allegedly involved in corrupt activities are using decision-making structures within our broader ANC-headed movement to pursue their corrupt practices. The proceeds of this corruption find their way at conferences to disrupt unity of purpose and replace it with its lackeys - who will corrupt public processes in favour of the private business interests of the looters.

We will continue with our work to expose corruption and ensure that those responsible are held accountable and punished in terms both of organisational processes and the law. Nevertheless we are opposed to manipulation of law enforcement agencies and selective criminal investigation. Law enforcement agencies must not be used to target opponents and tilt the balance of forces at conferences in favour of factional interests. They must not be used to create fear amongst activists and silence any legitimate voice opposed to wrongdoing by the powers that be, including factional forces that dominate political affairs in our province.

SACP and State Power, reconfiguration of the Alliance, SACP and elections

With the next National Congress of the SACP a mere five months away, the debate on whether the Party should contest state power through directly standing candidates for elections has gained a new momentum within the Party. We are guided by the organisational principle that the SACP is not a narrow electoralist party - it is not fighting for power for itself but for the working class to ensure that the state is transformed and implements a working class programme to reduce and eventually eliminate economic exploitation, poverty and unemployment, with and for the working class and the poor.

As the province, we are continuously expanding space for internal debate on this matter to give play to unlimited, but properly guided play, to freedom of discussion as an important pillar of inner-Party democracy. We will also consult widely with other progressive elements and forces, as well as our communities. We will thereafter consolidate our submission with a firm proposal to the 14th National Congress of our Party in July.

In the meantime, we want to put forward the following principles:

The Central Committee must update and circulate for discussion a policy paper on what the Party means by a reconfigured Alliance. This must include, but not limited to the nature and character of a reconfigured alliance, and a revolutionary commitment to strengthening the SACP as a fundamental condition for engaging in an alliance, and then a further commitment, in this context, to strengthen the ANC and the reconfigured Alliance. The paper must deal with the challenges and the options available to take our revolution forward to its correct conclusion, and the future of the SACP after its centenary in 2021.

The revised State Power position paper must be accompanied by, for consideration by the Party`s 14th National Congress, a revised discussion document on the second, more radical phase of our revolution, entitled `Going to the root`, publicly released in October 2014.

The strategic tenets of this paper must find expression in our revised Party Political Programme, the `South African Road to Socialism`. The whole debate on state power must be anchored in principled and programmatic considerations that must find expression in state policy and transformation.

The SACP must invite the ANC National Conference in December 2017, SANCO and COSATU National Congresses in 2018, to discuss the reconfiguration of the Alliance. The SACP must consider persuading the Alliance to convene an Alliance National Summit extended to Provincial and Regional Alliance Office Bearers by December 2018 to resolve on the future, modus operandi and the outlook of a reconfigured alliance. We will thus engage with the Party to pursue the objective of a reconfigured Alliance with respect to the 2019 general election.

We will call on the 14th Party Congress in July 2017 to consider that, if the Alliance is not reconfigured, the SACP going forward must mobilise progressive elements and forces, including those with genuine concerns on the declining moral high ground affecting the ANC (and by extension the Alliance), in addition if the decay does not stop, to come together in defence of the revolutionary value system of our broader movement and, in particular the Freedom Charter, and agree on an electoral platform with effect from the local government elections in 2021.

In the context, we will also call on all SACP structures, members and public representatives at all levels, personally, economically, politically and ideologically to be ready to stand and be with the SACP, the working class, the poor and progressive South Africans in defence of our liberation movement`s value system, our country and proper leadership of our revolution. This means being ready to resign, if necessary, and be with the SACP should this be an option, with effect from 2020 in preparations for the afore articulation on 2021 local government elections going forward.

Strengthening Alliance relations in the province

The Augmented PEC has mandated the PEC to work hard to strengthen the Alliance in this Province. We will continue to engage in bilateral meetings with the other components of the Alliance. We will further develop joint Programmes with each Alliance partner. We will give special attention to strengthening COSATU and have accordingly approved a joint programme.

One of the issues that we want the Alliance to process is a growing trend of unilateralism on the part of ANC leaders where policy and deployment decisions are made without involving the Alliance. Such decisions are often disastrous for our revolution. The case in point is the recent appointment of Mr Brian Molefe to Parliament.

Growing false-black consciousness

There is a growing false black-consciousness tendency within our movement reducing everything to race while turning a blind eye on class and gender contradictions, or treating gender contradictions as a by the way aspect. We reject suggestions by the new, self-appointed ideological prophets, that black private monopoly capital should replace white private monopoly capital. As the SACP we remain firm that any form of private monopoly capital is the primary enemy of our people, regardless of race, and that the only viable solution is to bring private monopoly capital and capitalist exploitation to an end, regardless whether the exploiters are white or black or black and white in partnerships with each other.

Propaganda structures have been created to speak on behalf of our democratic movement without mandate and authority and even make pronouncements on policy perspectives. Such elements and their structures appear to be the preferred voice in a number of media institutions especially the Gupta-owned ANN7 television and The New Age newspaper. Our concern is that the structures of the Alliance have opted to keep quite, except only recently when the ANC Deputy President Cde Cyril Ramaphosa distanced the ANC from the Parliamentary submissions made by one Mr Mzwanele (aka Jimmy) Manye on the FICA Amendment Bill.

On the NW Government Villages, Township and Small Dorpies programme

The SACP has always advocated for the economic development of townships and rural areas. We have noted the decision by the provincial government to pay attention to Villages, Townships and Small-Dorpies/Towns (VTSD). The SACP supports this programme. We have taken a decision to engage the ANC with the aim of giving the VTSD an appropriate and proper ideological context for the benefit of the working class and poor.

North West Provincial Government work with State of Israel or Israel Entities

The then ANC NEC Head of International Relation Comrade Obed Bapela once said: "There is a resolution that the ANC took that all leaders of the ANC in government, in municipalities, in provincial legislatures, in the organisation must no longer visit Israel. A circular is being sent that if you get an invitation to Israel you must just decline" (13 March 2013). The Augmented PEC noted with dismay that the North West provincial government has working relationships with Israel entities or the Israel government.

These relationships and co-operation between the North West Provincial Government and Apartheid State of Israel undermine the Alliance position on Israel. We call for an immediate termination of these relations. We further call on our people to Boycott all Israel products from occupied Palestinian territories and support the BDS Campaign as it further provides education to our people on the atrocities committed by Israel.

Financial Sector Campaign, SASSA saga and pronouncements on banking services

A lot of our people are still heavily indebted. They remain victims of reckless lending by financial institutions. They are subjected to unscrupulous house repossessions, irregular garnish orders, invalid loan agreements, repossessions of taxis and unauthorized bank deductions. Working with community structures in the FSCC, we will take up all these issues in our Financial Sector Campaign.

Social grants crisis has exposed hypocrisy

We reaffirm our National Congress resolution on, and we support the provision of a license to the Post Bank to enable it to ultimately become our State Bank with developmental mandate.

The Post Office must be institution for the payment of Social Grants.

It is hypocritical to claim commitment to radical economic transformation and to fighting corruption while advocating for an extension of an unlawful contract with foreign monopoly capital in the form of Cash Paymaster Services (CPS), with its banking partner on social grants being Grindrod, a bank owned by the Ruperts or the so-called white monopoly capital.

The Augmented PEC resolved to engage the Central Committee or Political Bureau, whichever will convene first, to call for an investigation, including by the Public Protector, into the circumstances of the social grants contract awarded to the Cash Paymaster Services and banking partner Grinrod.

The SACP will call for a bilateral with the ANC PWC

We agreed not to first pronounce in public our positions but engage the ANC and have common understanding on the following matters:

  1. Bringing an end to the privatisation of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
  2. Centralisation of government communications and the company appointed for this service, including budgetary implications.
  3. Production of the government newspaper "Semphete".
  4. Appointment of HOD`s and the report on those who were suspended.
  5. Appointment of the Boards of Provincial Entities.
  6. Location and the role of NWDC, including the report on the suspension and later termination of the services of the previous CEO.
  7. The possible inclusion of the Mining Economy in the government ACT, and role of mining in VTSD.
  8. Payment of workers third-party by municipalities.
  9. Necessity for development, adoption and implementation of the Provincial Alliance programme, including implementation of the Alliance Political Council and summit resolutions.

We declare that we emerge from this Annual Augmented PEC meeting more focused on the Key Tasks of Building a Socialist South Africa.

We will continue to take full responsibility for keeping the revolution on track.

Socialism is the Future! Build it Now!

Issued by the SACP Moses Kotane Province

Madoda Sambatha, Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 072 198 5433
Email: msambatha0@gmail.com

Pat Motubatse: First Deputy Provincial Secretary

Smutz Matshe, Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: 083 282 0666

Email: smatshe@nwpg.gov.za