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SACP Gauteng launches a rolling mass action campaign on the Trasformation of the Financial Sector, against media monopoly and labour brokering

15 October 2015, Johannesburg

Press Alert‎: Mass Action

Transform the financial sector to serve the people!

Free the media‎!

Away with labour brokerage, away!

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the province of Gauteng will launch a rolling mass action campaign to intensify efforts to achieve transformation and diversification of the financial sector and the media, and against labour brokerage.

The media is invited to cover the campaign, which will be launched as follows.

Date: Sunday, 18 October 2015‎
Venue: Johannesburg Metro Centre, Braamfontein
Time: 09:00am‎

The campaign will take forward our objectives against corporate monopoly capture of our country's direction, against untransformed financial sector and the phenomenon of financialisation. These have resulted, among others, in escalating number of housing repossessions, evictions and high levels on over-indebtedness. Investment has shifted, as a result of this economic dominace by finance, from the productive sector to the casino "economy" of speculations. Billions of rands are gambled in that "economy" or not invested in the productive sectors, while high levels and unemployment and poverty persists.

The SACP says all this must come to an end!!

The SACP will engage in mass campaigns against  monopoly in the media by a few, in particular, Naspers. The campaign will pay serious attention on the necessity for diversity and de-monopolisation of media ownership and content. It will focus, too, on the need for the revolutionisation and socialisation of media content in the interest of especially the overwhelming majority of the historically oppresssed. The campaign will also push the way forward to robustly independent media accountability mechanisms. 

Through this campaign, the SACP also hopes to reclaim back to the public the SABC, our public broadcaster, from the hyenas of self-interest and self-enrichment.

The process of digital migration has not been leveraged to pursue radical economic transformation. In particular, Naspers monopoly through Multichoice is entrenched. This must come to an end. The campaign will push for the achievement of genuine transformation through digital migration which can only become successful if Multichoice monopoly is reversed.

‎Workers in the media, at least the bottom rungs, are experiencing tough times. The campaign thus pushes for workplace transformation from the apartheid workplace to a non-racial and non-sexist democratic workplace in which all workers are free to execcise their constitutional rights and have access to decent work.

The SACP Gauteng Province invites all the media to also cover the following activities of the rolling mass action to advance the campaign.

16 Oct 2015 Picket 10:00 Birhwood Hotel Dist Secretary
082 492 4649
18 Oct 2015 Financial Sector Launch 09H00 Metro Centre, Braamfontein 1St DPS Mpapa
060 558 8314
19 Oct 2015 Launch Political Education & Qina Msebenzi 2 09:00 Eskia Mphahlele, Tshwane Dist Secretary
082 477 0956
23 Oct 2015 March 09:00 East rand Mall Dist Secretary
082 492 4649
30 Oct 2015 Provincial March 08:00 Randburg Taxi rank 1St DPS Mpapa
060 558 8314

Issued by the SACP Gauteng province


Jacob Mamabolo - SACP Gauteng Provincial Secretary
Mobile: 082 884 1868

Lucian Segami - SACP Gauteng Provincial Spokesperson
Mobile: +2779 5220 098
Office: +2711 339 3621/2
Twitter: GPSACP
Facebook Page: SACP Gauteng Province‎