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Umsebenzi Online

Volume 13, No. 39, 19 September 2014

In this Issue:

Special Edition, Umsebenzi Online  

Red Alert

Respect must apply - Response to Chirwa`s innuendos

Voters in our fifth democratic, free and fair general election and parliament they elected resoundingly rejected undemocratic, unfair and unprincipled politics of innuendo”, writes

Comrade Bonakele Majuba

On September 12, the Mail & Guardian published an opinion piece by National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) president Andrew Chirwa: “SACP is leading the Nkandla cover-up”. To substantiate this baseless allegation, Chirwa further alleges that “instead of dealing with principled and substantive issues, our politics have been reduced to innuendo, conspiracy theories and personal insults”. If he were principled, Chirwa would realise that he is guilty of what he accuses others of, and that by “our politics”, he is actually referring to their politics and not ours. The opinion piece under his name represents this for all to see.

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has called for due process on the Nkandla investigative reports, including that of the Public Protector, to be followed to the letter and exhausted. This fundamental principle is aimed at ensuring that substantive issues are addressed, and following credible processes.

Individuals who prevent this from happening have been, but by no means exclusively, pursuing undemocratic, unfair and unprincipled politics, using the matter of Nkandla – as Chirwa did when he became Numsa president – to call on President Jacob Zuma to go. In sharp contrast, the overwhelming majority of our voters in a democratic, free and fair general election, resoundingly rejected the call by voting for the African National Congress (ANC) with President Zuma as the leading presidential candidate. He was further re-elected in terms of our country’s Constitution as President of the Republic by our fifth democratically elected parliament. 

Having failed, people like Chirwa have now turned on calling for “full implementation of public protector’s recommendations” – this, regardless of the fact that she submitted her report to, which together with other reports on the same matter are before, Parliament to be duly considered.

For people like Chirwa, calling for due process to be followed to the letter is to be embedded in the state. By the way, ironically, it is such individuals who are part of a declared, co-ordinated project to form a counter-movement and contest elections so that they can be in government – that is IF they ever win. They have no problem with any party and its leaders serving in Parliament and government, except the SACP. This is to be anti-Communist. 

What about “insults”, “innuendo” and “lies”, Chirwa’s coalition of conspiracy?

Chirwa should know that liberalism gives the primacy of position to the individual instead of to the collective. By “liberal”, rather than an insult, it is at least meant those who openly call themselves liberals, or those who, on a specific ground, exhibit one or more tenet or tendency of liberalism. In contrast to liberalism, in a progressive trade union where the principle of worker control has not been overthrown, it is observed and is not being undermined, the union’s president is not a subordinate of the general secretary.

As opposed to what Chirwa wants us to believe, as a worker leader in a progressive trade union, the president is the leading office bearer. Unlike under liberalism and bureaucratic dictatorship, progressive trade union statements are not an individual’s on behalf of the union; they are the union’s on behalf of all individual members and officials, independently of the division of labour amongst them.

Chirwa is actually the one who gives us the impression that he is covering up for a new, and dangerous phenomenon of bureaucratic dictatorship which has taken root in some unions corrosively eroding worker control, instead of being a champion of worker democracy.

Chirwa accuses me of calling his general secretary Irvin Jim a liar. In contrast, in my article (Umsebenzi Online, September 4) I categorically state that I “would hate to call Mr Jim a liar. But without doubt, in addition to distortions, he is being economical with the truth”. Likewise, I would hate to call Mr Chirwa a liar.

What about the issue of the enemy?

I addressed this question in Umsebenzi Online, September 4.

From Mr Jim’s August 29 statement and previous utterances there can be no doubt that the ANC and SACP – but by no means not excluding Cosatu for so long as it remains part of the Alliance – are being projected as the enemy of our people. This is at the centre of the consistent attacks directed at the Alliance and its independent formations.

What about the other baseless allegations Chirwa levels against the SACP?

In his own admission he is sarcastic, as he says in his own word “cynical”. Thanks to his own reply to the question – such do not deserve any other or any further response.  

Bonakele Majuba is SACP Mpumalanga Provincial Secretary, the edited version of this piece was first published by the Mail & Guardian (19 September 2014).


The Hooliganisation of Parliament by the Imperialist Bloc

By Ian Beddowes

U.S imperialism and its allies are becoming very desperate: their economic system is facing collapse - and so is their world dominance - and it is not only communists who are saying so.

Marin Katusa, Chief Investment analyst at Casey Research, had this to say in a recent article published in Business Insider under the title "The Media Won`t Touch This Story About the end of the US Dollar".

"As the world`s emerging economies gain ever more prominence, the U.S is losing hold of its position as the world`s superpower. Many on the long list of nations that dislike America are pondering ways to reduce American influence in their affairs. Ditching the dollar is a very good start."

Desperate about losing control, the USA is using every means possible to hang on to and even expand the territory which they control. In Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan they are using war, and have used openly Nazi organisations in Ukraine and Islamic extremists in the Middle East to assist them.

They are now moving towards a scenario in the Middle-East where the organisation which they have funded for at least two years to bring down the secular government of Syria led by President Assad, and which is known in the press as ISIS or ISIL, following its invasion of Iraq, is now, conveniently, beheading Americans and Brits, thus providing an excuse to yet again bomb Iraq and yet again send in U.S troops. Yesterday U.S President Barrack Obama announced that they will arm the "Syrian opposition" to fight ISIS. This is double talk. There is no real opposition in Syria. In fact what Obama`s administration will do is to boost terrorist capacity against Syria.   

Back to South Africa. Mindful that GEAR, the 1996 Class Project has only worked in the interests of white capital and the black tenderpreneurs, the ANC under the leadership of President Jacob Zuma (but still with a significant number of tenderpreneurs in the broader movement) has introduced state planning and worse still, in the eyes of Western Imperialism and its South African allies and agents, South Africa has joined BRICS - and worse again, has agreed that the African Regional Centre for the new bank will be in Johannesburg! Thus the whole continent will have access to an alternative source of funding to the Washington based International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

BRICS is already moving away from the dollar standard in its trading practice, the new bank could inevitably hasten the collapse of the dollar. Therefore it is of prime importance to the U.S government that this must be "nipped in the bud".

In South Africa there is a well-co-ordinated destabilisation campaign being waged by the DA and its right-wing allies, in particular the well-funded EFF led by the plunderer of Limpopo, Julius Malema. Hence the pushing of the Nkandla Report while at the same time we hear nothing about the two Public Protector`s Reports on Julius Malema which found him to be a direct beneficiary of numerous tender scams in Limpopo Province, from which he fraudulently and unlawfully acquired money. Hence the same media, such as the apartheid creation The Citizen which vilified Malema when he was a member of the ANC is now putting him on the front page - a hero on the same level as Verwoerd! And hence the right-wing, Imperialist Bloc of reactionary parties in Parliament after seeing their EFF storm-troopers disrupt parliament, have now wasted more valuable parliamentary time by bringing a motion of "No Confidence" against speaker Baleka Mbete. Having no real arguments that can make South Africa a better place, the Imperialist Bloc is bent on making hooliganism in Parliament acceptable and making South Africa a better place only for the richest 1% and their imperialist backers.

From the trivial arguments presented in Parliament on the failed motion of no confidence it was obvious that they were attacking our constitution even calling for an unelected person to be the Speaker of Parliament.

Comrade Ian Beddowes is professional revolutionary and former MK intelligence operative, writing in his personal capacity.