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Umsebenzi Online

Volume 13, No. 37, 11 September 2014

In this Issue:


Red Alert

SACP statement on continuing attacks directed at NUM members and leaders in Marikana

On Monday, 8 September 2014, NUM National Education Chairperson Helen Diatile was hurled with insults and nearly assaulted at the koppie in Marikana. This happened during the in loco inspection which was conducted by the Marikana Commission of Inquiry, and in full view by Judge Ian Farlam who chairs the Commission, the lawyers representing various interests and the police. The Judge tried to intervene by explaining how wrongful the acts were, and that the Commission was established for all, but his effort failed.

The aggressors were wearing t-shirts of "trade union" Amcu, while they demanded that Diatile, and therefore those wearing NUM t-shirts, must remove them. Their disgusting actions confirmed, and must be taken as a part of evidence, that Amcu is a vigilante union without any respect for the human and workers` rights, including freedom of association and political rights. The dominance of Amcu in the Rustenburg platinum belt was largely a result of intimidation, violence and killings committed in that area, before and after 10 August 2012. The unjustifiable tragedy of 16 August 2012 was in part the result of this murderous activity. The backwardness displayed by Amcu on Monday clearly revealed who is responsible for the intimidation, violence and killings of workers and community members wearing NUM t-shirts.

The SACP calls upon competent relevant authorities, within the framework of the law, to investigate, expose and deal with the controllers behind the continuing attacks directed at NUM members and leaders in Marikana. In its report the Marikana Commission of Inquiry must tell the people what further action must be taken against this barbarism. The SACP reiterates its call to the workers never to turn against one another, and never to use violent means to solve problems between them, but to unite and build a formidable mass movement against the merciless economic exploitation carried out by the capitalist bosses.

"The victory of the workers against capitalism first and foremost depends on maximum organisational and political unity", said SACP 2nd Deputy General Secretary Comrade Solly Mapaila. "The police, once again failed dismally, they failed with distinction to protect the victim and fundamental human and workers` rights from violation, and they failed unashamedly to inspire any confidence from the people", continued Mpaila, expressing SACP`s disappointment in the indifference and mediocrity of the police in handling lawlessness. The SACP calls for an overhaul of the entire police unit in Marikana as a matter of urgency.

Issued by the SACP


Alex Mashilo - Spokesperson
Mobile: 082 9200 308
Office: 011 339 3621
Twitter: @2SACP


Deviant tendencies masquerading as the "left" and most "revolutionary" thing that has ever happened will fail!

By Luthando Gilbert Buso

"Their basic political orientation is to attribute every problem to our movement and its independent Alliance partners. They do this in order market themselves personally or the new organisations that some of them are involved in creating", writes Luthando, referring to a leadership clique from within the ranks of the trade union movement, and the new axis of both new and old opposition parties that are coalescing against the ANC, Alliance partners SACP and COSATU, and to similar external agendas.

Revolutionary discipline in the struggle for socialism remains the unquestionable critical element. In our specific SA conditions, the vanguard Party of the working class and socialism, the SACP, guides this organisational, political and ideological discipline through its basic documents, as well as through the universally valid principles of Marxism-Leninism. Importantly, in its Constitution the SACP states that members in their personal conduct must behave in a manner that will bring credit to the Party, thus extending the field of the political discipline we are talking about into personal conduct.

One of the basic documents of the Party, in addition to, and based on, its Constitution, is the Party Programme, ‘The South African Road to Socialism`. The Party`s strategic programmatic slogan, ‘Socialism is the Future: Build it now!`, and the programmatic theme that runs through the Party Programme, ‘Build Working Class Hegemony and Power in all Key Sites of Struggle and Power`, provide Party cadres with programmatic clarity of political discipline. As cadres take such ascending, winding and tiresome journey through advancing and deepening the National Democratic Revolution (NDR), the South African Road to Socialism, revolutionary discipline should be their campus, but simultaneously serve as the fuel that will enable them as a force to push forward to the destination. 

The Party has to cleans and immunise itself against foreign tendencies that could expose it to potential risks: right-wing agents, populist and childish "left-wing" and ultra-left tendencies. Some of these elements masquerade as "visionary Marxist" protagonists. But they are polluting the world with lies. They say they are establishing alternatives to the working class vanguard party, to the Alliance, and their reason is the baseless allegation that "the ANC, along with the SACP, and the Alliance, have failed". Their basic political orientation is to attribute every problem to our movement and its independent Alliance partners. They do this in order market themselves personally or the new organisations that some of them are involved in creating.

Their modus operandi now consists in co-opting anything they believe is useful towards their regime change agenda, against the ANC-led government, against the ANC and SACP, and against the Alliance, including COSATU. It is in this context that the Irvin Jim`s statement which Comrade Bonakele Majuba accurately deals with in the Umsebenzi Online (Vol. 13, No. 35, 4 September 2014) must be understood. The same goes for the opportunistic follow up directed by Mr Jim`s leadership clique to liquidate uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veterans Association by expropriating the association and attributing its statements to the SACP. It is this tendency that Vladimir Lenin points to, when he calls on revolutionaries to fight "Against Right-wing and ‘Left-wing` Opportunism".  

In sharp contrast, it is actually such elements who have failed to capture the Party, and to turn it into their factory machine to produce crass-materialism; to pursue personal ambitions through it and to accumulate wealth on a private basis; they therefore had use other organisations. They went all out to campaign against the Party leadership for implementing the Party`s Medium Term Vision which is streamlined in the Party Programme. The opportunists and ill-disciplined elements went all out to campaign against the Party leadership for being disciplined and for implementing Party decisions and resolutions. They thought they will win. They lost. Our 13th Party Congress was like a final blow to their mischievous intentions.

For similar reasons, some associated with the right-wing and "left-wing" opportunists through their deeds, all bent against our movement, or through other links, failed to make it into the leadership of the ANC. They together failed to capture the ANC and the ANCYL; they have sought, but failed, to capture almost each one of our organisations in the Alliance and the Progressive Youth Alliance. They are pretending to be true leaders, to be capable of championing the working class struggle in South Africa. Their "revolutionary" content is nothing but an agenda of a counter-revolution against our movement.

All of them will fail, again and again!

The principle of revolutionary discipline takes centre-stage as a pivotal point around which the struggle to build socialism must be intensified. This requires individual members of the Party, which is inclusive of the Young Communist League, to engage in constant self-criticism and to be open to appraisal by the Party.

Disciplined cadres do not hold grudges, they do not lobby fellow comrades to fight their personal battles. To behave otherwise would be counter-revolutionary, destructive, and tantamount to the anarchy. Any behaviour to the contrary is a sign that the member concerned is gone, with final parting being only a matter of time and space.

As Amilcar Cabral states, to criticise one`s own character, behaviour and actions is not to pay a response or an indulgence not to offer penance. Cabral explains that self-criticism is an act of frankness, courage, comradeship and awareness of our responsibilities; a proof of our will to properly accomplish, a demonstration of our determination to improve constantly, and to make a better contribution to, the progress of our Party.

As a person who has decided to be with us, who is willing to learn from others, who hates character assassination for selfish reasons whatsoever, who is not power hungry, but a cadre who is determined to move with the collective to advance, deepen our revolution, the Party needs you more than ever before:

This revolution, the NDR, is the direct route to socialism, not a detour, and not a stage in which capitalism is to be "completed". The Party has declared to the world know, and even to those who have been with us but have since joined deviant "left-wing" tendencies as well as to those who have joined the right-wing, that the NDR is a struggle to overcome deep-seated, persisting, racialised class inequality, unemployment and poverty. The Party has further stated that, to advance, deepen and defend the NDR, is to struggle to overcome the vicious impact of patriarchy, not just in some generalised way, but a patriarchy that was sharpened and integrated into capitalist relations of production over a century of colonialism in its manifestations and associated accumulation regimes in our country.

No member must compromise the Party organisation and unity for enigmatic foreign tendencies that we see today playing to the gallery in some of our trade unions. It is these very tendencies that masquerade as articulating the "left-agenda". Let the truth be told, the advocates of these tendencies moved to the right long time ago. To the extent they exhibit ultra-leftism, that does not reflect the attainment of theoretical development in that ideology, but only its tendencies which produce an even toxic concoction when mixed with other deviationist variants such as childish "leftism" and the right-wing tendencies that recently introduced anarchy in public gatherings and even in Parliament.
Luthando Gilbert Buso is SACP Activist and joint SACP-NEHAWU Chris Hani Brigade Member based in the Eastern Cape Province.