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SACP Mpumalanga media statement

26 November 2012

The SACP in Mpumalanga held its annual augmented Provincial Executive Committee meeting to reflect on the year that has been and prepare for the augmented Central Committee, which due to the upcoming Mangaung Conference takes a more important character as it will be our last official meeting before the historic people’s assembly.

The conference which we believe as the Party comes at an important time of our revolution where the forces of re-action are trying to reverse the democratic gains and trying to bring about judicial democracy and undermine the will of the majority of our people who voted the ANC led alliance to bring about revolutionary change to our country.

The PEC has called on the people of our country to resist and reject the call to abandon our freedom charter inspired changes, coming from all those who benefitted from colonialism and apartheid.

White monopoly capital continues to undermine the democratic process and support forces of re-action which are touted by the reactionary media as credible leaders whilst doing everything to portray the real leaders of our people as corrupt and dishonest.

This consistent edge to foment imaginary divisions and paralysis in the ANC led alliance is as a result of our determination to bring about fundamental change in property relations and the relations of production inherited from apartheid capitalism.

White monopoly capital and its agents will do everything in their power to resist, including to embark on an investment strike, we believe their action should be condemned as an act of economic treason against the interests of our people and country.

The PEC observed with concern the coming together of the so-called forces of change and the self styled constitutionalist led by a neo-liberal driven DA and COPE including some conservative intellectuals, who are willing to go to any extent to undermine the right of the ANC branches to democratically and freely elect their leaders.

They proposed a frivolous no confidence vote, took the ANC and the people’s parliament to court in order for their narrow palace type take over of the office of the presidency to happen, because they know that our people will reject them in any democratic elections process, as their policies are pro rich at the expense of the working class.

We were impressed by our Judiciary which exercised its independence and acted with caution and respected the separation of power doctrine enshrined in our constitution and resisted the attempts by political parties that are failing to win democratic elections, now want to abuse our courts as a political battle field.

We further observe with alarm the comment attributed to Judge Dennis Davis about his discomfort that the majority representation that the people of this country give to the ANC as a threat to democracy and offend the democratic right of MP’s in doing their work in parliament.

Though we respect our courts, we believe that these kinds of comments are the reason our people are calling for a cultural and ideological transformation of our apartheid inherited judiciary, which is still finding hard to locate itself in a people centred and driven democracy, which should always take public sentiment over the narrow interest of business and rich interest group.

The PEC has condemned the demolition of houses in Lenasia and calls on the Gauteng government and the victims of the syndicate operating in that area to co-operate in solving the impasse on the issue of land ownership.

The Government should identify people who are responsible for this criminal act and also arrest the corrupt officials in the Joburg Metro who colluded with this syndicate and not vent their anger at innocent working class that is searching for its basic human right for housing.

We further call upon our government to resolve the land issue in our country and ensure that the land is returned to the hands of our people so that development is not driven by narrow interests of profit hungry developers, who are deepening the inherited crisis of apartheid land hunger.

We believe that after 18 years of democracy monopoly capital should not be still enjoying the luxury of owning the means of production at the expense of the majority, the means of production must be transferred to the people, especially land.

We wish to appreciate our Premier’s intervention in the Department of Human Settlement which was a nest of corruption, looting and non delivery of housing to our people, but we feel that proper legal procedures should have been followed to deal with the matter.

We believe that a similar crackdown in other departments and municipalities shall follow to combat corruption and non delivery of services to the working class.

We are calling on our government to put pressure on the Mswati regime to step down and allow the people of Swaziland to democratically elect their preferred leaders and bring to an end the suffering of the people in that country.

We further call on SADC to remove Mswati regime from all its organs until a democratic government freely elected by the people is in place.

The Party in the Province invites all the people in our Province and beyond to attend our RED OCTOBER NATIONAL RALLY under the theme of “SERVICES FOR ALL!!”, which will be held on the 09 November 2012 at eMbalenhle Stadium from 09h00. We call on our people to attend this historic event in large numbers, as National leaders like our General Secretary, Blade Nzimande, YCLSA National Secretary, Buti Manamela and Allaince leadership will be in attendance.

For further information contact:

SACP Provincial Spokesperson
Lesetja Dikgale
076 869 4360


SACP Provincial Secretary
Bonakele Majuba
082 968 4877