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SACP Eastern Cape PEC press statement

02 April 2012

The South African Communist Party (SACP) in the Eastern Cape Province held a successful ordinary Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) meeting over the past weekend 31st March – 1st April 2012 and considered a range of issues at the international, national and the provincial level extensively applying Marxist Leninism that remain valid and its teachings confirmed by the structural crisis of capitalism today.

The PEC was graced by the presence of Central Committee members, comrades Charles Sestubi and Mandla Makupula. The CC input served as a preliminary induction to ground members of the PEC to key principles for all authentic communist revolutionaries whose main objective is of service to humanity with great loyalty and trust to our people over the power of money.

The crisis of capitalism is structural

The PEC asserted its firm belief that the capitalist crisis underway in the world today has began to move away from that which has been cyclic, of booms and bursts of parts of the capitalist system but has affected the entirety of the structure of capitalism itself. This is because the two sharply contrasting types of crisis is that the periodic or conjuntural crisis unfold and are more or less successfully resolved within the established framework, whereas the fundamental crisis affects that framework itself in its entirety.

The meeting added that it was out of realising this reality that 25 of the 27 countries of the Euro Zone have established a “permanent bailout fund” admitting to the permanence of the crisis. Capitalism cannot find solution from its framework any longer, they throw Dollars and Euros but the crisis persist, they are implementing severe cuts on social spending but the crisis persists, they are announcing labour reforms but the crisis persists, they sponsor regime change in many parts of the world but the crisis further deepens!

It is in this context that PEC called for the intensification of the struggle of building Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa (BRICS) as a counter balance to imperialism as part of building on the foundation for an alternative world order and deepen the structural crisis of imperialism. The PEC further welcomed the decision to establish an alternative bank for the BRICS which will take the countries in the South away from the IMF and World Bank which has always served the interests of rich at the expense of the developing countries.

The meeting also saluted consideration of the above countries to move away from the Dollar and the Euro as trading currencies. The PEC is of the firm view that the need to strengthen party to party relations can only be the only basis of taking forward this important work to build and cement solidaristic political and economic relations between these countries as part of defending their foreign policies against the negative influence of US led imperialism.

National situation

The PEC noted that the contestation of the direction of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) is intensifying as we approach the coming congresses of our formations (SACP, COSATU and ANC). At the heart of this contestation are the twin dangers represented by the liberal offensive (white) and tenderprenuers.

The PEC further committed to expose and defeat the agenda of the tenderprenuers to high jack the people’s revolution and their organizations in order to derail South African revolution for self-enrichment.

As the SACP, we consider the tenderprenuers as constituting the immediate danger to our democracy as we have seen in some countries states captured by drug-lords resulting is having a narcotics’ state with narcotics bourgeoisie. Here at home, the tenderprenuers want to capture the South African State and reduce it into a Tender State with its own Tender Bourgeoisie. The PEC is convinced that this agenda is not separate from the broad agenda of imperialism to re-colonization Africa via South Africa.

The PEC has welcomed the commencement of the National Health Insurance (NHI) as an important foundation for the struggle to bring about an accessible quality public health system in our country for the benefit of workers and the poor. As the SACP, we commit ourselves to support this progressive initiative and will work with all progressive forces to defend the NHI and defeat the agenda of the elite to highjack it for its narrow interests.

Provincial situation

The PEC has welcomed the announcement by the President in the recent State of the Nation Address to have dedicated mega projects allocated to the province as this will contribute in cushioning the province from the current levels of poverty and unemployment. We remain convinced that not much is being done to level the playing field in the allocation of resources in between provinces as some of the provinces like our own constitute a collection of infrastructure bag logs from the former homelands of Ciskei and Transkei. We call upon the national government to review the current revenue allocation model to be driven by developmental needs of provinces not the population size as the current main consideration.

The meeting also saluted the ANC in the province for the convening of a successful Provincial General Council in (PGC) December 2011 and a centenary rally in January 2012 as part of the indication for a province that is geared towards political stability. The PEC has urged both the Department of Education and South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) to make more effort in working together to resolve challenges facing education in the interests of children of workers and the poor who are at the receiving end of any instability in this area. On our part as the SACP, we will continue to work to support all efforts to achieve the above and reject any attempts to use education challenges in the province in order to destabilize the province for reasons linked to the coming ANC Mangaung conference.

The PEC views the pursuance of the Superintendent General for Health, Dr Siva Pillay on the alleged misrepresentation of facts towards the determination of his current salary as more like chasing lizards when the crocodiles are against the provincial administration. We see this as a deliberate attempt to divert the efforts of the province and government officials like Dr Siva Pillay from its fight against wild scale corruption that has exposed many who are accused to have robbed the province of millions of rands.

On the 13th Congress of the our party

The PEC started to position the party in the province for the preparation for the 13th Congress to be held on the 11th – 15 July 2012 and committed to work for its success. The meeting agreed on the validity of the broad trust of our SARS and MTV, as result it was further agreed that the Party need to elaborate and evaluate the two as we approach congress. To this end the province will convene special district councils and a provincial council immediately after the release of the congress documents.

Chris Hani Month

The PEC adopted a program to mark the 19th anniversary of our late General Secretary comrade Chris Hani in the context of celebrating the ANC centenary and the imperative of building a strong alliance from below. Activities will include lectures in our 8 districts culminating with a provincial anti- corruption march as part taking forward Chris Hani’s revolutionary values of anti-corruption and selflessness.

The PEC ended on a high note with a commitment to build a strong SACP and alliance as the precondition for defending and deepening the NDR towards a socialist South Africa. The PEC wished comrades Nelson Mandela, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez good health and commit to redouble our efforts to ensure the realization of a humane world order in their name.

Issued by the SACP EC PEC

Xolile Nqatha
Eastern Cape Province Provincial Secretary - 073 034 7923