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PO Box 1027,
Johannesburg 2000,
South Africa

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The latest Umsebenzi Online

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Join the SACP!

Who can join the SACP?

  1. In terms of the SACP Constitution, Clause 5.1 membership of the SACP is open to “Every South African over the age of 16 who accepts the goals, policies and programme of the SACP, undertakes to carry out its decisions and to be active in a SACP structure, pays whatever dues are decided on, and serves a year as an interim member shall be eligible for membership”
  2. Clause 5.3 states that, “A person applying to join the SACP shall be an interim member for 1 year. An interim member shall participate in SACP structures and activities but shall not have the right to vote or be elected to any executive structure of the SACP. To qualify for membership, the interim member has to become familiar with the SACP Constitution and basic policies, and participate in Party programmes and campaigns. The Branch Executive Committee, or in the case of a new branch, the District Executive Committee or Provincial Executive Committee as provided for in section 21.6, shall confer membership on an interim member.
  3. Clause 5.5 states that, "A person who does not qualify for citizenship or permanent residence in South Africa may be accepted as an associate member if his/her application is accepted by the Central Committee (CC). An associate member has full constitutional rights and obligations but may not stand for election as a member of the executive at any level of the SACP."
  4. Clause 5.8 states that, “ All new members of the SACP shall undergo induction training under the direction of the Branch, District and Provincial structures.”
  5. Clause 5.10 of the constitutions states that: "All SACP members who earn above a certain amount, as determined by the CC, shall pay a levy to be determined by the CC from time to time."

Duties of an SACP Member

  1. Pay fees, Levies and subscription.
  2. Participate in Party meetings and campaigns.
  3. Recruit members to the Party.
  4. Develop oneself and other Party Cadres politically.
  5. Work in the ANC, COSATU and the broader democratic movement.
  6. Build a Party unit where you work or are a member e.g. Sports club etc.

Pillars of the SACP Programme

  1. Building working class power where you live or work.
  2. Consolidating democratic, worker-led popular power.
  3. Rolling back and transforming capitalist market.
  4. Socialisation of the ownership function.
  5. Moral renewal of society based on solidarity and the building of sustainable households and sustainable communities, with and for the workers and the poor.
  6. Build the Party and the Young Communist League (YCLSA).

How to join the SACP.

  1. Contact the Branch Secretary of the SACP Branch were you reside or work. The SACP Provincial Office can assist you with the name and contact details of your branch.
  2. Print out and complete the membership form and fax it to the SACP Membership Department at the SACP Head Office on 011 339 4244. Unemployed members shall pay an annual membership fee of R12.00, please fax also proof of deposit of the membership fee.

Upon receipt of application, a membership card will be issued after the first debit order has been affected in your account and sent to the relevant provincial office for collection. Please contact your Branch Secretary for collection of your membership card.

Kindly read section 4, 5 and 6 of the SACP Constitution for easy reference on the Guiding Principles of the SACP, Membership and Basic Organisational Principles.

For more information regarding joining the SACP please contact us at info@sacp.org.za