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Socialist Forums

One of the most important tasks to be carried out by the Party amongst the workers is systematic and on-going political development of organised workers. Whilst this is not the only function that needs to be carried out by the SACP industrial/workplace units, it is perhaps the most significant. In fact, there is a dialectical relationship between the establishment of SACP workplace structures and the regular holding and convening of socialist forums. The establishment of SACP industrial/workplace units will greatly enhance and facilitate the political development and education of workers. The converse is also true. The holding of regular socialist forums will greatly facilitate the formation of SACP industrial/workplace units, in that an increasing number of workers will be drawn and be schooled in socialist theory and ideology.

The aims of socialist forums

  1. Socialist forums should be regular forums held for workers to discuss and educate workers in Marxism-Leninism both in its international context as well as within the context of our national democratic revolution and the struggle for socialism.
  2. The focus of socialist forums should be to deepen the political consciousness of workers by also discussing topical and current political and policy issues from the standpoint of the working class
  3. Discussion of workplace issues and the question of the democratisation of the workplace and the empowerment of workers, in order to enhance their ability to impact on workplace decisions
  4. The focus of socialist forums should be on shop-stewards, women workers and other layers of worker leadership closer to the workplace
  5. To further deepen the relationship and co-operation between the SACP and the labour movement
  6. Underpinning our goals in convening socialist forums should also be to ensure that workers, particularly worker leadership, understands the role of the SACP as well as the general strengthening of the labour movement itself.


  1. The holding of socialist forums should be driven at a number of levels but in a co-ordinated and systematic fashion. The holding of socialist forums should be arranged through joint structures between the SACP and COSATU unions at provincial and local/district levels
  2. Socialist forums should not necessarily replace, but can complement or be the form in which regular and ongoing political education for workers takes place. Such forums must be held on regular days (eg.fortnightly). They are different from, though they can complement, political schools held between the SACP and affiliate unions.
  3. Socialist forums can also be flexibly convened to cover workers in a particular sector (eg teachers) or combining workers in various sectors in a particular locality
  4. The SACP structures, particularly industrial/workplace units, should play an active role in ensuring that such forums are organised and held regularly on a sustainable basis
  5. Provincial leadership, as part of Red October preparations should discuss plans for regular holding of such forums in key identified localities as pilot studies