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Judson Khuzwayo


Prime Minister Mugabe`s Message

Obituary in Sechaba, July 1985

On May 1st, the Chief Representative of the ANC in Zimbabwe, Comrade Judson Diza Khuzwayo, died after his car overturned. He was on his way to Lusaka. A staunch fighter against the brutal apartheid system, Comrade Judson Khuzwayo died while on duty in Zimbabwe, where he was remarkable in strengthening the bonds of solidarity that exist between the Party, Government and people of Zimbabwe on the one hand and the people of South Africa, under the leadership of the ANC, on the other.

He was born on the 25th August 1941 at Adams Mission, Mbubushu District, Natal. He did his secondary education at Loram Secondary School up to Form Three, and completed his matric in Robben Island Prison.

Comrade Judson joined the African National Congress in 1957 as a student. He was arrested on the 10th June 1963 at Zeerust, and was later sentenced to ten years` imprisonment for attempting to leave the country illegally for military training.

Before his arrest and imprisonment, he was working in an insurance company. After his release on the 29th December, 1973, he worked at the University of Natal Centre for Apartheid Social Science.

He was detained again in December 1975 and released in February 1976. He was further detained in June until December 1976. He left the country in July 1977 through Swaziland, where he stayed until 1983. In 1983 he was appointed the ANC Chief Representative in Lesotho. In 1984, he was transferred to Zimbabwe.

Comrade Khuzwayo leaves behind his wife, Beauty, and three children. He also has a brother, Elga, and a sister, Cordelin.

Hamba Khale, Qhawe Lama Qhawe.

Prime Minister Mugabe`s Message

The First Secretary and President of ZANU (PF) and Prime Minister, Comrade Mugabe, said in a message to Comrade Oliver Tambo that it was with profound shock and sorrow he had learned of the death. He said:

"...Comrade Khuzwayo`s term of office in Zimbabwe was characterised by his selfless and untiring dedication to the cause of freedom of the struggling people of South Africa. He earned the respect of all of us who knew him in the short period of his work in Zimbabwe.

"Although Comrade Khuzwayo has died before seeing the freedom of his people, his unwavering commitment to their cause will always be an inspiration to all those who remain engaged in the struggle to eradicate apartheid in South Africa."

In reply, President Tambo said of Comrade Khuzwayo that he:

"...has joined the martyrs of our struggle, who, by their selfless dedication and sacrifice, have promoted our struggle to new heights and inspired us to greater efforts to bring about a speedy triumph of our cause."

Comrade Tambo went on to say:

"The work he has done in soldering the relations between our respective parties and people will remain a shining beacon to his memory..."