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The latest Umsebenzi Online

The political attack of the capitalist crisis on women, its consequences in the struggle for socialism and the role of the vanguard Party - SACP statement on the occasion of the International Working Women's Day
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The latest African Communist Click here to view the Latest African Communist. [PDF]

SACP Eastern Cape Bulletin 

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Date Title
27 Jul 2017 EC Bulletin 31st Edition [PDF]
26 May 2017 EC Bulletin 29th Edition [PDF]
11 Mar 2017 EC Bulletin 26th Special Edition [PDF]
28 Feb 2017 EC Bulletin 25th Edition [PDF]
27 Jan 2017 EC Bulletin 24th Edition [PDF]
19 Dec 2016 EC Bulletin 23th Edition [PDF]
27 Sep 2016 EC Bulletin 19th Edition [PDF]
27 Aug 2016 EC Bulletin 18th Edition [PDF]
27 Jun 2016 EC Bulletin 17th Edition [PDF]
27 May 2016 EC Bulletin 16th Edition [PDF]
27 Apr 2016 EC Bulletin 15th Edition [PDF]
27 Mar 2016 EC Bulletin 14th Edition [PDF]
27 Feb 2016 EC Bulletin 13th Edition [PDF]
27 Jan 2016 EC Bulletin 12th Edition [PDF]
27 Dec 2015 EC Bulletin 11th Edition [PDF]
27 Oct 2015 EC Bulletin 10th Edition [PDF]
27 Sep 2015 EC Bulletin 9th Edition [PDF]
27 Aug 2015 EC Bulletin 8th edition [PDF]
27 Jul 2015 EC Bulletin 7th edition [PDF]
27 Jun 2015 EC Bulletin 6th Edition [PDF]
27 May 2015 EC Bulletin 5th Edition [PDF]
27 Apr 2015 EC Bulletin 4th Edition [PDF]
27 Nov 2014 EC Bulettin 3rd Edition [PDF]
27 Aug 2014 EC Bulletin 2nd Edition [PDF]
27 Jun 2014 EC Bulletin 1st Edition [PDF]

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